Wednesday, December 20, 2006

SIGH...i've been a bit lazy keeping up with my blogging lately. i really
have no excuse, but will tend to think my immense fatigue and rush of the holiday season is the true root of the problem. i solemnley swear to better, and in the mean time here is to me catching up!!!


i love thanksgiving. it is such a wonderful holiday filled with lots of food, family, and more food. what could be better? this year was an espcially fun one as uncle lee provided an "in-costume" 2 hour coloring contest event. no party is complete with out him. and yes, the turkey was delicous.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

a tRIbuTe tO oUr duKie...

duke is our precious little baby, and we love him more than anything. these are various pictures we have taken of him over the past 7 months, and we just LUB him so much!!

thanks for being are little guy dukie.. you are forever our number 1 dula!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"the icicle twist"

it has become a williams family tradition to have a murder mystery dinner every halloween. this years theme was the "icicle twist". we were all characters invloved in a murder at at colorado ski resort, circa 1984. so yes, the costumes were fab. dust was a ski bunny, i was a flight attendant. kennan was a doctor, trev a body builder/body gaurd. paige was just a hussy, my mom and dad big money playas, and b-rad was a private investigtor. it is always a ton a fun, and lots of laughs are invloved. oh and of course baby gabi was an adorable fairy (she is wearing a dog costume.. only thing that would fit!), jude was squirt, and last but certainly NOT least, duke, the clown.
i love halloween, and always hate that it is over so fast. this is such a fun time of year.

yes... i know. i look like a transvestite. what could be better?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

kennan's 24th Birthday

Kennan's B-Day was October 28, and we had a wonderful family dinner at the delicious "Benihana!!" (as Dust likes to yell). We love K so much. I am so lucky to have her as one of my bestest friends, and YES Jude is the cutest.

We LUB you Kiarm!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well these were taken at the Utah game on September 30, 2006. Dust and I were oh so lucky to attend the Homecoming game with my Mom and Dad! This is P-Willy's 2nd year cheering, and we are proud to call her ours! I don't really watch the games when I go.. I can usually be found eating everything in site (gotta love the stadium food), and staring at the "Crazy Lady" as she goes about her (creepy) fanatical ways.
But it's never offically fall until you have been at a good football game, and it was so fun to be decked out in our Utah garb, and cheer them Utes on! Can't wait to road trip it to CO. with my parents this later this month to the Air Force game! Let's go UTAH!!

aN inTroDUction....OuR fAM
This is our little baby Duke, or better known as Dula, The don, or just Earl. We got him this past Easter, and he has been a life saver, and a ray of hope and happiness. His cuddles have helped many a hard time here at the Jackson residence and also happy ones too. He is quite little in these pictures (only about 9 weeks), but he was so adorable. I will post some current ones later. We lub our little pup very much, and he will always be our first born!

Well here it is. This is me and Dust. Although I am about 100% positive that everyone reading this blog is family, and already knows who Dust, dula, and I are, I am introducing us anyway... Even if this whole post is a "moo" point. SO who cares?
Dust and I have been married for 1 month, and 1 whole year now. We live in lovely Draper, Ut, and love being so close to family. It's been a trying year, and we have had plenty of curve balls thrown our way. But I like to to think that some how "all we need is love", (Dust and I have plenty of that..Duke included of course), and somehow have managed to come out on top. We love all of you peeps actually reading this, and trust us when we say we are "working" on making things in our lives more interesting to post about!