Wednesday, January 04, 2012

do you see what i see?

that's correct. 
this is an update. well.. more like a catch up if we are feeling technical. whatevs.
but don't you go jumping that gun and be impressed. because alas...we starting back at thanksgiving.
gross. i know. and truly i am nearly bursting trying to withhold all the info i've been keeping from the general public. i know you've all been dying for some updates. but alas, this blog also serves as my only journal.. so i feel i gots to be keeping it real.
but in the nearish future just be prepared for a gender reveal (official of course), baby name options, family, christmas, AND a move. woot, woot!

but back to thanksgiving. this year was exceptional. we kept it small, and by that i mean my parents only hosted immediate family. this has NEVER been the case. turns out... we aren't so small anymore. there were 24 of us total and that wasn't even everyone. we're all taking that whole multiply and replenish thing seriously. what can you do?

highlights of the day in no particular order were:
dustin's turkey,
sleeping in,
some serious sister time,
my mother's craft table for the kids,
paige's gender reveal,
and just the over all family togetherness.

i'm related to some immensely wonderful people. my own little family not excluded. 2011 has come and gone... and it brought so much to be thankful for.

  DSC_0595 copy 





  DSC_0542 copy 

happy thanksgiving!!