Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My sister's sweet baby boy had a terrible accident Monday night.
He fell face down to their cement drive way from their second story window. He somehow miraculosly didn't break a bone but however has been struggling to breath ever since. After 2 days in the St.George hospital with no improvement, it was decided that he be flown to Primary Children's Hospital here in Salt Lake. Bob couldn't fly with Robyn and Gil, leaving him about 4 hours behind them to the hospital. Kennan and I met her there when she arrived. Baby boy was promtly taken to the OR and put completely out for an invasive procedure to check out his lungs and airways.
There are still no definitive answers...
we hope to get some soon so that he can just get home.
While we were there all he wanted was his Mama,

and blankies.

Sweet boy... you are so brave.

We love you gilly bear

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sweet baby

my darling nephew,
David Steven Jackson

welcome to the world little one

Saturday, February 14, 2009


we've had a lazy valentine's.
the day has mostly been spent in bed, watching plenty of disney, taking several doodles, eating lots of coversation hearts,
and of course plenty of love to share...
sisterly love

baby love

toddler lover

and gerneous amounts of love for a paticular Fancy Nancy purse.
{Happy Valentine's}

Thursday, February 12, 2009

snow day

let me just preface this post with saying that i am so over winter... i am fighting some serious winter blues, and wish to the very fiber of my being that spring would just come early.
living in Utah always means a late winter, so tuesday minsie, poptart, and i just decided to deal with that fact. we headed down to nannie's for our first snow day, and of course kennan, jude, and pretzy joined us. i have found that my only key to surviving life with two babies is to get out of the house. it breaks up my day, always gaurentees a good nap, and somehow keeps the girls on a more structured schedule... go figure. Anyway... Minie it absolutely in love with her darling little snow suit, and these wretched hand-me-down moon boots from jude. she is always dragging them out of her closet and trying to dress herself in her winter attire. i thought that because of this little habit, she would adore playing in the snow. i have infact caught her a couple of times shoeless, and sockless enjoying herself a little beligerent snow time. i knew that combining these two loves of her would be a major succes.
of course, as par for course.... i was proved wrong.
the second i had minie adorned, she immediately toppled over in a fit of whining. when i let her down in the snow, she flopped to the ground and cried. in her defense, she was bundled pretty tightly.. but what could i do? it was freezing!
after about 10 minutes of coaxing and watching jude frolick about, she finally attempted movement and actually succeeded in standing upright by herself. she was so proud of herself she even took a few steps, and by the end of our play she had warmed up mediocrely to it all. she can be so moody.
i love that smoosh.

it's hard to be her.


he had nothing but love

oh.. remember him?
yes, he is still around

what could i do??
i love me a little snow playing myself.
while minie was crumpled in a snow drift, kennan and i still enjoyed.
and please..
this is why everyone should get to know kennan....

she gives you this....

and this....

and a little bit of this...

at any given moment.
i know... next time i will invite you.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

huppy BiRThdAy DusTy!

i love you to the moon my man....
and here are some reasons wHy!

-he is the number one pest. he has this uncanny ability to annoy anyone and everyone (espcially me!) yet still is so charming. I love him all the more for it... it's just my dust.
-he likes to sleep on this nasty goose down pillow that was scavenged from bear lake about 100 years ago. it smells yucky, looks yucky, and very well could be the culprit of his ICU hospital stay......yet still, he is curled up to it tonight like a teddy

-he can get Minie to laugh so easily. as soon as "Daee!!" walks in the room her world lights up.
-he takes care of me. all the odds and ends that I "wish" to be done, magically do get done, and in a tidy odrer might add.
and he does it all for me :)
-he loves to set the alarm to go off 30 minutes before he actually needs to get up.
(i sort of hate this one :) )

-he loves eating out, and so do i... see?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE him
-you can always count on him to be silly with you when you've had a bad day.
-he always %100 backs up my photography, and allows me the time and space to do it
-he is absolutey crazy. really he is
-he hates reading, but ever so valiantly trys to enjoy it
-he lays his clothes out each night before work, all ironed, pressed, and ready to go for the next day.
-it takes him FOREVER to get ready. he trys everything on, and the just settles with what I like to just call his "uniform"... oh Dust

-he loves to cut his fingernails down till they are practically gone and bleeding... yummy, i know!
-it takes a lot to see this boy cry, but when he does, it will melt your heart with his sincerity
-he holds us together like glue
and baby that's why i love you much...
Happy Birthday!!
You are my man <3<3<3