Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas and a New Year

This holiday was a wonderful one.
We have hardly been home the past couple of weeks, and our insanely messy house is to show for it...
parties, Santa, games, dinners, movies... the list just goes on.
Dust has been lucky enough to have had about 10 days off from work, and we have been taking full advantage. I love this time of year... I love my family and I adore how we all spend it together.
I am in a bit of a blogging rut... I feel I have lost my "voice" (if you will)..
but mostly I just want to document how grateful I am at this time in my life. I am so blessed. I have two beautiful daughters, and a wonderful, hard working husband. My family is my world.
2008 was a plentiful year...
and 2009 looks to be a good one.
So Merry New Year to everyone...
and happy as I really am...
here's to me NOT having a baby in 09' :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

C U T E ness

we've been busy...
and now i am so far behind with blogging (make that more like everything) i don't even know where to start.
the new year is looking to not start out as tidy as i'd had imagined.
oh well
here's to catching up!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

silent night

i know.
there truly is nothing better than a sleeping baby
and lucky me has been blessed with just that.
since about two weeks this little one has been sleeping a six hour stretch at night and i love her all the more for it :) having two kids is busy. i am so often caught up in keeping with a schedule that i forget to just sit back and enjoy my sweet babies.
sunday morning we were doing our usual pre-church dash , when i happened to notice miss louise snoozing so peacefully on our bed. i was hit so hard with this immense love for her. our sweet little bean was born into a bit of craziness ( much thanks to our eldest ), but for the most part just goes right along with it. she doesn't require much... just feed her, and cuddle her.
even though we were running oh so behind, i couldn't help but stop and take in the joy that she is.
oh little tootse...
i love you...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Need a Gift????

Let me help!!!!

I've had a number of people inquiring about oliverminie j., and when I will be booking shoots again. I am in the process of re-working my pricing and packages and antipcipate to be up and running again come January.

However, after many e-mails and phone calls I have decided to offer a holiday gift card for anyone interested... forget giving the ever-so boring clothing item and give a gift that will be remembered.

E-mail me at for details. The gift card will be available at a discounted price from the new January pricing, so call soon... I will only be giving out a limited number!!!!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's Christmas time...

Is anyone else floored by that?
Maybe it's the no snow thing throwing me off, but sere, how is out most beloved holiday already here??? It feels slightly insane.
Life is busy with the girls.. lovely, but busy.
I am finally feeling like I can actually handle two children, which let's all just give one big shout of hallelujah because it was a little touch and go for a while there.
Poptart is 4 weeks today and is definately as delicious as she sounds. She is such a good baby... last night she slept 6 hours straight! I know.. who does she think she is??
She makes the most hilarious grunts, and to accompany such cuteness can pass some serious wind... really nice and feminine. And to top it all off she is the number one cuddle bug of the house.. she love, love, LOVES to burrow up to your chest, stick out her frog bum and doze, and is infact doing that this very moment with me. Yummy baby girl....
Miss Moodles is as crazy as ever. I have no idea where all of this personality of hers came from all of the sudden but I will take it. She toddles around the house like she runs the place (let's be honest.. she does), and wreaks havoc every wobbling step of the way. She also is all of the sudden talking, and attempts to repeat eveything you say. She knows Santa says "Ho, Ho, Ho" yet she insists on growling at every Santa decoration we pass. Most of the time she loves her sister, and would lay and blow zerbers (sp?) on her face all day if I would let her. Dustin is particulary in love with Missy Moo these days as yes, she is all goodness wrapped up in a 17 month old, but also because he has really stepped up with her care giving since Poppy's arrival. She has him wrapped around her finger.
Life is good...our little family is our life, and we are so in love our baby girls.
It might not feel like Christmas quite yet, but it definately feels like the most wonderful time of the year.
May your days be Merry!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Give THanKs

somehow these are the majority of the only photos i got for the day...
oh well...
happy thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

crazy horse

apparently she can open the fridge door now...
thank you miss mins.
my life just got that much easier

Thursday, November 20, 2008

two girls

it's still hard for me to believe these two little loveys are mine.

they are so different....

yet they both are so loved by me...
i just need to know they know that.
i love you my baby girls.
so much.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The stats...

Poppy Louise
November 9, 2008
2:36 pm
7 lbs 6 oz
19 1/2 inches
Well we are finally coming up for air at the Jackson residence, thus resulting in a little blog updating.
I realized earlier today that I haven't actually given Poppy's birth account, and I really want it documented. So here it goes..
Sunday, November 9, 2007:
As you all know, I had had it with the whole pregnancy business. I woke up with Minie Sunday morning, and while I was fixing her breakfast I made myself a little castor oil cocktail. I choked it down at about 8:30 am, and then went downstairs. While Minie played I pulled out my very dusty yoga mat, and attempted to practice some moves. Someone had mentioned in a comment on a post that some positions could help flip a posterior baby, and well to be quite honest, I was at the end of my rope.
It worked. By 10:00 am I was having fairely consistent contractions. We put Mins down for her morning nap, and between a warm tub and changing positions the contractions were slowly increasing for about 2 hours.. I was hopefull!! Until they died down at about 11:45 am. I thought that they were over with, and I was very disapointed to say the least. Minie woke up from her nap, and I very depressingly continued to try and get ready for the day. And then out of no where, at about 12:15ish, a DOOZY of a contraction hit. I crumpled to the bed in complete pain, with Minie giggling and trying to crawl on me (apparently she finds me quite humorous in agony), and the contraction would not end. Towards the end of it, I tried to get up off the bed, and I felt a very weird "pop", and then an urge to go.. well... pee. I rushed to the toilet, only to find nothing "gushing" out, and slowly got up. Dustin ran into the bathroom to check on me, and thats when the little squirt of fluid came trickling down my legs. MY WATER BROKE!!!!
I would have been in a complete state of bliss, however another contraction hit, and this one was twice as bad as the last. As if he didn't already know, I yelled to Dustin that it was time to go to the hospital, and everything after that is a bit of a blur. Dustin, in a crazed dash got everything packed and ready, and rushed us all out the door. My contractions were coming on fast and painful, and it turthfully was like a scene from a movie. He sped the whole way to the hospital, I was going crazy from the pain, and Minie was just mimicking all of my screams and gestures in the back... cute, but not so much in the moment. Dustin's parents met us in the hospital parking lot, and literally Dust dropped everything (yes, Minie still in carseat included) on the ground and ran me up to Labor and Delivery.
When we walked in the doors, I was experiencing yet another contraction, and Dustin had to get us checked in. Thank goodness the nurses took me seriously, and when I was finally put in a room things moved fast. We were officially checked into the hospital by about 1:15, and my epidural was placed probably by about 1:45. When I was checked in I was 4 cm dialated, and yes, my water had broken. In the shuffle of everything, Dustin had managed to keep my Mom and sisters in the know, and they all arrived right after I recieced my epidural. The nurse shuffled them all out of the room to place my cathetar, and while she was putting it in she discovered I was completely dialted, and ready to push. WHAT?!?
It took my 19 hours to get to thar point with Minie.. I was shocked. That was at about 2:00 pm.. she left to call my doctor, and 10 minutes later he walked into the room. I started pushing, and it just was so calm, and sooo different than my experience with Minie. I had invited my sisters and Mom to be in on the delivery, and they all came in and were there quietly offering encouragment. After about 4 good rounds of pushing, our beautiful daughter entered the world. It was surreal. I was so aware, and so involved, and she was sooo different than Minie. She cried immediately, and when they placed her on my belly after she was born, it was so incredible to feel her on the outside. Dustin and I stared in disbelief. How could she be here?? After all the waiting, she was here so quick... and I loved her SOO much.
To be a mom for the second time is indecribable. It is nothing like I thought. It feels familar, yet foreign... happy, and sad, and scary, and right.. and well complete. When I saw Minie for the first time I was over-taken with emotion. To know she was the big sister.. to look at her and see her as older, yet know she was my baby only 2 hours ealier. I felt proud, and guilty, and so, so, so much love. I just feel so much love for these two little girls that I have grown. They are both so unique... I am so blessed.
And that is all I can write right now. Poppy is hungry, and it is late. I could say so much more.. but I have to go be a Mama :).
Things are good... crazy, emotional, scary.. but good.
One last note.. Robyn was in the room, and so kindly took pictures of the delivery. They turned out incredible. I am so happy I have these pictures to remember this amazing experience with. Take a look at them...
She really did an insanely great job.
Thank you sister. I love you.
And thank you to everyone else who has called and shown their support. We so appreciate it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our newest girl

Miss. Poppy Louise

you are just so you...
your own beautiful hair
your own smooshy nose,
your own puppy eyes...
Oh, how we love you baby girl....
Welcome to the world.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Frustration STATION!


This post is completely pregnancy related, so if any of it's content bothers you, please stop reading :)



That is exactly how I feel right now. Wednesday afternoon I had what was to be my last OB appointment. My doctor told me everything was looking great, and that he would be suprised if I made it through the weekend. To back up his ever-so sure prediction, he gave me one hefty membrane stripping (I warned you) and sent me packing. Well, fast forward to late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning and whatever voodoo good ole' Dr.OB did to me seemed to have worked it's magic. I was in full out labor mode... My contractions were coming on strong, every 2-3 minutes and they REALLY hurt. After about 2 hours of no sleep (due to my not so great method of breathing through the pain.... I want to know who remembers these things?) Dustin thought we should head to the hospital. He didn't need to ask twice.. I am not cut out for labor pain.

So we loaded all our gear and a very tired Minie into the freezing car and drove to the hospital. Once we got there Steve and Alice rescued Minie, and Dustin and I headed up to L&D. At this point I was far from okay with the contractions I was experiencing, and by the time I was taken to a room and checked in I was already bordering insanity. They hooked my up to the monitors, agreed that I was having some decent contractions and said it was just a waiting game... if the contractions were changing my cervix at all, I would stay.. if not I was getting the boot.


You can guess what went on from there. For over 2 hours I sat, rocked, and walked through terrible contractions. I know it sounds dramatic, but they were intense... and all in my back. But of course, they were doing NOTHING! My nurse wasn't very sympathetic, and couldn't wait to get me out the door. All she could offer me was a shot of morphine in the hip for pain, and a not very inviting invitation back to Labor & Delivery when I was in "real" labor. OHHH... And when I told her invite or not I would be back there soon, I had a scheduled induction set for Monday, she had the nerve to say, "Yeah, well good luck... You and about 50 other women. It doesn't seem likely".
I hate that woman.

So here I am back at the ranch, insanely miserable. My contractions did infact die down, but what else do we expect with a massive shot of morphine??? I am getting them just enough to be tediously uncomfortable, and I have just about had it with this whole pregnancy business. Sere.... It just ain't pretty in the end. At this point a bullet in the leg seems more pleasant, and definately a lot quicker. To top things off, my sweet-heart nurse did inform me that she was pretty sure sister-bear here is posterior, and OP babies (as they like to refer to them as) take twice as long.. thatlabor can go on for days. AWESOME... days.
So let's give one big HOORAH! for me.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Still no baby.
Why do they (babies in general) act like it's okay to run on their own schedule?
In the mean time, here are some photos I have taken of friends/family the past couple of weeks.
I only associate with beautiful people..


Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Now if only I get Minie's diaper rash remedied, we can celebrate!
Let's just say it's a good thing we've had LOTS of Halloweening about before today..
Her current mood isn't making for too happy of a pigglet... :(
I hope you all have a spookyloo night!
Let's all cross our fingers that between the dropping barometric pressure, some serious Halloween candy (and maybe a little herbal encouragment.. who knows :p) we have a new baby here this weekend!!
A girl can wish right??
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i'm done.
baby of mine, i can take no more.
i no longer sleep at night,
my joints hurt,
i now have stretch marks.
just come out.
we are ready.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

26 years.....

but still sooo sexy....,
Happy Birthday sister bear :):)

I can think of a million reasons why we all love you Kennan, and I want eveyone who cares about her to leave a comment telling us why she is so fabulous to you.
I will start out
reason # 1
You will never meet a funnier person.. her quick wit, and uncanny ability to find humor in practically everything, makes me want to be around her nearly 24 hours a day. And sometimes I AM! She draws people to her, and we all love it when
'Kenna!" is around. :)
Much love Kiarm!! She's turning 26... YEESH!!!
Now who else????

Monday, October 27, 2008


sneak peak!


Stay tuned for more :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

oh my....

i can have another :)

welcome baby Carter!!!
and congrats again Michelle and Ryan :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Miss Muffet

Today has been a rough day.
Minie has been mysteriously* onery, and nothing is going as planned. I have been on rush mode since 7 AM, and honestly nothing makes me more on edge... Add a 9 month pregnancy and you have got yourself one angry mama.
I've been a lot less patient with Miss Mins, and have raised my voice to her A LOT more than she deserves.. no, let me rephrase, 100% more than she deserves.
I just want today to end...
..and possibly move back the impending due date.
I don't know if I am ready for two.
Oh.. I've also managed to pick about 3 fights with Dustin, and am still way too onery to apologize...
At least I can admitt it...
I'm just going to wallow myself in a chocolate bath of pity and push through the (what seems like) hundreds of pictures that need editing.
Oh, tomorrow....
I miss you.

*Turns out Minie's "mystery" fussiness isn't so befuddling after all.
I discovered way too late that she is cutting some serious molars. Her poor gums look SO sore.
Oh, and wait.. I didn't actually notice this, my Mom did.. after I wined for the bazillioneth time how terrible of a girl she was acting.
I'm a great Mom.
Tomorrow, tomorrow..
At least Minie looked this cute today.
I always love me some cute holiday attire.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

in other news...

here i am posing in {silhoutte}
let's face it .... at 35+ weeks, my beached whale size body is not appreciated by anyone.
we had an appointment last week, and thankfully everything is checking out great with sissy girl.
infact things were looking so good our doctor set us an induction date of November 10th. It seems very surreal to me..... and I have the slightest gut feeling that we won't make it to that date.
We are talking sissy girl her peeps... I just know she's got a mind of her own :)
I just want to make it through Halloween... I WILL not miss Minie's first year trick-or-treating...that's just not happening
So that's that.
Things are busy as ever, as I am wrapping up my fianl shoots for the year, and truly I am scared stiff at the thought of two peanuts living in our home!
I am about to come a full flegged mother... whatch out.

At least I have my lovey hub...

I'm sure through it all we can somehow manange...

I love you babe.. so much.


Until next time,



Tuesday, October 07, 2008

three years

baby... three years ago today.
can you believe it??

1 marraige,
5 pregancies,
and two (almost) beautiful little girls to show for it.

we're making it :)

you are my rock.
my constant.

i couldn't ask for a better
or spouse to live this crazy life with.

you are mine forever, and that's how long i will love you!
now know that silly man..

i going up to bed to spoon with my greatest great...

my hub!

i love you.
happy anniversary!