Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moving up...

From the second we brought Minie home for the hospital I've HATED our car seat carrier. I had spent many an hour searching out the perfect seat for our unborn sweetie, and thought I had picked the ultimate best/safest/comfortable. Although I still believe it to be all of those things, upon coming home with our mere 6lb12oz baby, I quickly realized I had chosen the heaviest. Seriously, I have never been the strongest gal on the block and that car seat was out to get me. I can't tell you how many times I risked both mine and Mins life trying to manuever that beast, and these past few weeks of almost constant snow have been the straw that broke the camel's back. So we moved up notch...
She has now had her big girl car seat for almost 2 weeks , and wow... my life seems so much easier already. It also helps that she's never looked so good in leopard print....

However, I must admitt tears were shed the first time she rode in it. My baby is getting soo big!

How, why, and when does that happen???


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

San Diego

We had to be off the cruise ship by 8:30 am, and our flight didn't leave San Diego until 6:40 later that night. So the Gregory's and us decided to rent a car and spend the day in the Whales you know what....
I love San Diego, and every time I'm there I ask myself why on earth I live anywhere but there? However, I quickly remember our income, and then realize that it will probably forever be a pipe dream... *SIGH*... I guess we're just not "fighters".
Anyway, I love this city and our day there was fabulous. We are definately going to have to return some time this year.. with Minie it tow of course!

Monday, January 21, 2008


We are back.
It was a lovely little vacay, but let me just first tell you,
Holy cow, it was like I had lost an appendage. I missed her like cRAzY. And from now on she's coming on any trip we go on.
So, now that is out of the way, I can lead you through a virtual photo tour of our journey aboard the "Elation".
Now everyone kept telling us how nasty funk Ensenada was. I really was contemplating not even getting off the ship. Boy, am I glad I did. I mean really, where else can you ride these golf carts on steroids with Hot Wheel decals? That's right.. no where.
I actually thought Ensenada had some really beautiful landscape, and really enjoyed riding these puppies out to the Boufadora... A very cool landmark BTW

See.. we were lovin' it...

Our day in Cabo San Lucas was gorgeous, and they had more than enough activities for us to pass our time. I was dead set on snorkeling.. I normally love this pass time. However, please remind me to NOT participate while in Mexico. It was one of the creepiest things I've ever done. The fish were not pretty, other boats we speeding past, and no, we did NOT have life jackets.

And please.. I know I'm gorgeous. That mug is priceless.

We also went parasailing while in Cabo. We rode out on the boat with a few other people, and this lovely lady to a liking to Dustin. We were literally sitting right next to eachother, and this most beautiful woman snuggeled right between us, cozied up to Dust, and asked if he could protect her from the splashing water. Thank you.

The marina in Cabo right off the cruise ship.

We payed $2 for the photo. My favorite part is the sambrero... It makes me giggle every time I think of the man whipping it out and putting it on this disgusting lizard. "Picture is 2 Dolla!"

More parasailing

Aboard the Elation!
I didn't get too many pictures while on the actual ship itself, however please feel free to look at my sibilinga blogs because we were all here, and I'm sure at least on of them caught what I didn't.

Eating dinner... Hey guys

Can I just tell you how much I loved the towel animals? They just made me happy, and I looked forward to seeing a new one every night.

We also all enjoyed a little put-put on top of the boat..However the rocking back and forth really put a cramp in my game.

And of course Dad took it way too seriously... inevtiably insulting my Mom. He's such a sweet heart.


So I hope you all enjoyed my version of the cruise. Like I said, all of my family probably has this exact post posted on their blogs, so please feel free to compare.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the wonderful trip, it really was extremly fun!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Go Jazz

A few days before we left on the cruise, Dustin called home from work and noncholantly asked "Hey, would you mind if I had a guys night tonight?". I of course said yes, thinking he wanted to go see some lame movie (AVP R), or go play Halo with some friends. Only after I gave him the go ahead was when he informed me he had gotten Jazz tickets... Oh, and that he wanted to take Trevan. Yes, that's right, not his wonderful, devoted wife, that spent 21 + hours in labor with his daughter, who makes his life wonderful in every possible way (yours truly thank you very much). It was just plain rude.. and I was a little miffed to say the least.. Hello, Jazz games are extremely fun to attend, not to metion the stadium food that I L O V E! . I was going to let it fly and just be minimally (okay, largely) pertubed that he didn't invite me first, until he informed me that not only did he have tickets, but they were tickets in a suite! Yes, pretty much after that, he had no choice. I was going. Sometimes you need to just swallow your pide, and take what you want.
So.... he took me.
The happy couple...
he should have learned better by now.
Tisk, tisk.

And finally, our veiw from the suite... not the best but certainly not bad.
Trust me, the free food made up for it.
So all in all (despite the smallish fight that arose ) it was a lovely evening... So sorry I stole your place Trev... maybe next time??
Go Jazz...

Monday, January 07, 2008

6 Months.. How??

What? How is my baby already 6 months old??? Seriously, the last 3 months have FLOWN by. It's slightly insane. Minie is our lovey girl, and got an excellent report at the doctor today. So without further ado; her stats:
Weight: 15lbs1205- 50%
Height: 25.3 inches- 50%
Head Circ: 42 cm- 40%
So hurray! Her head in finally catching up and everything else is just perfectly round, average, and yummy. She is aboslutely delecious! However, I did voice my concerns about Minie being the non-roller she is, and good ole' Dr. Cramer told me to not worry. He actually said she was on the advanced side with her sitting, and not to be concerened in the least. Yeah, so watch out, my baby can sit better than yours.. it's huge.

So all in all Minie is very healthy, and so perfect in our eyes. She just keeps getting better every day, and I have no idea how I am going to leave her for almost a whole week while on the cruise...
We are still sooo in love with this scrumptiuos plum of a girl.. Miss Minie Moo!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I've been in a bit of a blogging rut for the past couple of weeks, and to be quite honest, a picture taking rut. So I apologize for my ever so boring blog as of late, but here I am now updating away. These are just a few miscellaneous pictures I have actually snapped in these past weeks...

This is my Mom's Christmas present to Minie, and let me just tell you...she ADORES it.
When it started playing music and beeping she literally squealed out in glee... lucky me caught it on camera :)

Just getting a little wheel time in before bed... never hurts

And these lovely rabbits are IKEA's finest. Jude and Minie (hardly without eachother) enjoyed wearing this slighty (very) frightening mask during our shopping spree at Sweden's finest... Let's not even get into the $$$ we spent just on a whim. *SIGH*...

Cute, cute...