Saturday, June 26, 2010

long time no blog...

well it feels like it's been a coons age since i've been around these parts.
i've been busy doing a whole lotta nothing. it's hard work.
let me just tell you something.. the best purchase i have made in the past year is my pool pass.
one of the biggest perks of momhood would have to be pool days.
my summer is full of em'. we pack lunch, spend the afternoon soaking up the rays..
oh, and my children are endlessly entertained while i sit around and do practically nothing all the while talking with my friends.
jealous some??

this past week it seems i put all on hold and just enjoyed the first real days of summer.
housework, photography... mwah.
who needs them??
no, but really this week we just took a bit of break.
next week the wild begins...
minie turns 3, we celebrate with not 1, but TWO parties, the 4th is celebrated twice, cousins are in town, preparation for said parties happens allll week long, and all of those photos i'm behind on get finished.

whoooweee. i'm tired just thinking about it.
enjoy these poolish photos.. they are very summerish, and will probably give you your required daily dose of vitamin D.
they are that festive.

pool days.
i loved them 15 years ago,
i will love them the next 15,
and probably even the next after that.


Monday, June 21, 2010

the best thing to EVER happen to June 20th...

sullivan michael lamoreaux
7lbs 2oz
19.5 in
2:49 pm

you only wish you could smell this breath of

he is incredible.

congratulations robyn and bob.
i love him. so much..
being there meant the world to me. i will forever love him.
thank you for letting me be a part.

mr. sully...
i adore you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

one more thing...

i still do this too.
that is,
take pictures of adorables.
i've let my preview blog go for the time..
it was turning out to be too big of a pain.

this little man is sort of amazing, isn't he?

you are one cute 6 month old. i maybe love you.

that's all

the great outdoors, smores, ane more...

well that was a fancy blog title, wasn't it?
yep.. sometimes i just get creative like that.
lucky, lucky you.

so what?
summer so far has been superb. i know i am about 3 seconds out of "baby stage", but these 3 seconds have timed it just right. this summer there has been no baby to nurse every 3 hours, no strict nap times to command, and just a tad less up-tightness going around.
i tell you.

today could be the last day of these summer days, and i would feel 100% satisfied.
a morning in jams, an afternoon at the splash pad (some day i will bring my camera and document this beloved place), followed by a snow cone, and than an evening up the canyon.
really.. could you plan a better day? i think not.
the trip up to the mountains was my personal highlight. i look forward all year long for these joyous outings. truly i do.
my kids get disgusting, the company is always great ( we only invite special people with us to these prized occasions.. duh ) ,the food never disappoints.. and well, it just is all so fabulous.. alright?
s'mores? are you kidding me? as i was sitting there, widdling my way through my 4th s'more (yes, you read right, 4th) i came to the joyous conclusion that mankind has really never discovered such a fantastic combo. the gooey marshmallow, melting chocolate, and crunchy graham cracker.
you know this..
nothing better.

i ate so much food tonight i threw up. really. i did.
i ate, and ate, and ate. someone said something funny, i started choking on smoke, and the next thing i know, up come the last 1/4 of my dinner.
it was worth it.

minie sums it all up perfectly here.
dream boat lovin'.

are you reaping the benefits of summer?
i do hope so.

right now it is thundering.. and i am about to crawl in bed and fall asleep.
it's been a good day.


Friday, June 11, 2010


there are tears,
there are fights,
there are time-outs,
there are tantrums,
and a titch of rival.

but usually..
most normally,
there is just love.

and i love that.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

memorial day too

lest i forget this adored holiday of mine,
here is a quick collage to document the day.
it was a particularly wonderful one.
what with visits from my nearly long-lost brother Bryce, his adorables, and my cute granny Billie. Perfect weather, traditional croquet..
oh.. and the food?
maybe the best yet.
it was a good one.

speaking of good ones...
my daddy turned 59 yesterday. he wasn't too keen on celebrating big, because in his words ,"59 is really a useless year."
but we still finagled a quick "adult" dinner to celebrate.
sadly, i had to kick it solo this time around because dust was away on business.

but fun was still had.
i love you dad..
Happy 59th!


ahh... life is just better when the weather decides to cooperate. we have been taking full advantage of the budding summer, and have had several festive meanderings.
i've decided the trusty snap and shoot is indeed my good friend, and believe it or not,
the girl's lives are even more photo documented than before.
impossible? no.
incredible? perhaps.

so here you are.. a snippet of some fun we've had:

going to see the Dinos never disappoints.
neither do minie's new red cowboy boots.
NOR her princess posing.

there are truly no words...
smoosh her to pieces. that's all i can do.

whoa... in the midst of all the gallivanting about, i also managed to squeeze in a little oral surgery.
dentists see my mouth, and their eyes start to glow with the dollar signs.
here i am two days post surgery, looking very puffy.
dissolvable stitches are dis.gus.TING

this is my cute friend michelle.
we love michelle.

now then..
that was fun, wasn't it?

happy summer!