Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baby Blues

So it's been a while since I've posted, and for that I apologize. I've had many family members asking me to update, so for you people.. I finally did it! I've had a bit of a rough time adjusting to our new life, but I am happy and confident to say I am feeling MUCH better now.. So hopefully this blog will stay updated :)

Let's be honest..having a baby is hard. I love my Minie girl more than anything in the world, but these past 3 weeks have been crazy. I've had way too many break downs to keep count, and I've never doubted myself more. Being a parent is huge. I knew going into this that it would be the biggest thing I have ever done, but really how can you fully comprehend that? It's been a little hard for me to get into the groove of being this sweet baby girl's everything. Without me or Dustin she couldn't survive. Now I know up front that concept sounds silly and very elementry, but for me it has been really hard to grasp.. I guess hard is the wrong word.. terrifying is better. We wanted this little sugar bean so bad, and now that she's here I am scared to death I am going to mess up some how.. a feeling I think I will carry around for the rest of my life. That coupled with my plumeting hormones has had me a bit down... oh that, and the immense lack of sleep (how my body functions on 2 hour intervals of sleep that hardly ever equal over 5 is a mystery to me). Most every one I know who has had a baby didn't show this side to me. They all seemed to glide into motherhood so easily and naturally. I guess I may be one of the few who have struggled a bit more, but I have to say week 3 has proved to be much better. Minie is getting into more of a schedule, and I am figuring out more how to handle life as her Mom.

I don't mean for this post to seem like a downer. My life really is blissfully happy... difficult at times, but more gratifying than anything else I can imagine. And I must say again, no matter how tired, scared, or uncertain I may feel that little tootse on the top of this post makes it all worth it. We are a family now... crazy, isn't it?

The Park

Last Friday Dust, Minie, Dukie, and I all had a great evening at the park. It was our first official family outing, and it was a lovely night. It's a little weird we are now a family, and I must say just "stepping out" is quite the ordeal.. who knew?!? Life is great with our little munchkin... :)

Splash Pool

My mom bought a splash pool for her grandkids, and last week Kennan and I took Minie and Jude down to enjoy it :) . It was a great afternoon, and Minie took to the water like a fish.. can't you tell?!?
I love this baby girl :)

BuBBLe SuiT!

Need I say more? I love bubble suits on babies.. I could hardly keep my hands off her all day while she had this on. Look at how yummy she looks!


For the first almost 2 weeks of her life Minie had only met one of my siblings (that's you Kiarm)... Now that's weird considering how close I am to all of my sisters. However, they all had good excuses for not being there, and Minie did come earlier than expected so I really can't complain. Paige flew in from Indy for a week to meet her newest ( and favorite I might add) niece, and Robyn and her lot came up for a weekend. I was very happy to show off my new love to them, and it was fun/weird to think I've added yet another grandchild to the mix! My parents house was a zoo the night Robyn came in, and not all of the grankiddies were there.. I love having a big family :) !!

Thanks sisters for coming to see us... we love you!

Tuck Toe

now it is a known fact around the willimas family that the tuck toe runs rampant. i missed out on this little genetic gem, but instead was rewarded a toe thumb.. yeah i know... NOT better but also not really worse...
anyway, paige by far was hit the hardest with this no so pleasant gene, and i hate to say it but minie inherited it as well. although hers isn't nearly as bad as paige's (that's hard to beat!), it is definately there. she may look just like her daddy, but gosh darnit there is some williams in her!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Okay, not that I haven't posted enough pictures of Minie already, but if you want to see some really irresitable pictures of her please go to
Kennan's friend Aubrey took her newborn pictures yesterday and she posted a sneak peak of a few on her blog. They are to die for cute. Just had to share!!!

First Outing...

Well today was it.. I haven't practically set one foot outdoors since the 3rd, and I felt it high time to get out! Kennan has been bugging me to come in and see the new line at Naartjie (couldn't be cuter btw) so today we made it happen. Me, K, Mom, Jude, and Minie all headed to the mall. It was nice to get out, and also very nice to try out the new sling. Minie slept the whole time (so weird.. I know), and we succesfully spent a couple hours away! I finally feel somewhat human again :) Hurray!

Baby Doll

Is this not the sweetest picture of her? Kennan saw it earlier today and told me she looked just like a doll in it. I couldn't agree more. Look at this girl's hair!! Yummy baby...

Love this outfit....

Yes, this outfit was purcahsed LAST summer before I was even pregnant. It was on sale at the Gap for like $6 and I thought it was too cute to pass by. Dustin upon finding out about my purchase was extremely close to forcing me into counselling for being so crazy...
Now fast forward a year later, and look at how DANG cute she looks in it! I do not regret this purchase one bit! I could hardly handle how cute she looked in it yesterday... I love having a girl :)

Four Generations

Here it is.. 4 generations. My Grandma Billie went home Wednesday morning but not before saying goodbye to her newest great grandchild. It's an amazing thought to think that Granny Billie in a way at one point "carried" Minie for me. I feel so honored to come from such a strong line of women. I hope to one day have a shot like this with Minie and her first baby girl.
We'll miss you Granny!


Life is wondefully exquisite with our little Mins. I can't get enough of her. Even when it is 3:00 am and I've only had about 1 1/2 hours of sleep, I am still so excited to wake up and grab her out of her cradle. No matter how tired I may be, nursing and cuddling her warm little bundle while no one else is coherent is nothing short of my idea of perfect. She is just the sweetest little tootsie roll around, and it is immensely hard to not smoosh her too hard!
We L O V E this girl!!!

Jude and his "Mimee"
Daddy's girl

Friday, July 06, 2007

Oh baby girl!

None of these are in order, and I am just too tired to make commentary on them all. All I have for you are pictures of this most adorable child. I can hardly contain myself from smooshing her all the time. She changes so much every day.. this blog no longer belongs to me!
We love this Minie Moo!

Minie Christine Jackson

Our baby...
11:23 pm
6lbs 12 oz
19 inches

Minie Christine Jackson was welcomed to the world Tuesday night at 11:23 pm. We both agree that only now do we comprehend what love is really all about. Mom and daughter had to both fight really hard to get her here but I would never change a thing.
She is the spitting imageof her Daddy, but has the nicest mix of both blonde and red hair. She is our strawberry princess! Oh our Minie....

The Journey...

It was long, unfathomable, uncomfortable, exciting, terrifying, and incredible all at the same time. As Dust posted earlier this week, Tuesday morning we headed off to have a baby. I wanted to make a seperate post just of the preliminarys because what came after deserves a million posts all dedicated to just her.
Labor was long... 21 hours from start to finish. My body is still in shock from what labor took out of it. I'm still not sure it's "natural" for a human body to push another human being out of itself for nearly 2 hours.. it was exhausting and by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do...but as cliche as it sounds, it was all so worth it.
We had awesome support all day from my Mom, Kennan, Alice, Dad, and Steve. Dustin has been my life saver and hasn't left my side. I can't believe we've done this!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I fell a little odd writting this, because lets be honest, Brooke does all of the updating. As of this morning, Brooke and I checked into Altaview hospital. Brooke was up since 3 am with labor pains and contraction, totally natural of course, no herbal remidies were used! We arrived to a very busy L/D unit and were treated as normal outpatients. Brooke and I were a little scared of being sent home,but our DR happend to be on the floor, and poked his head in to say HI. He noticed that Brookes BP was a little high, obviously due to her pain, he said that it could be possible pre-clampsia, ;) , so the good DR took some compassion on my sweet wife and decided to break her water. So here we are, awaiting the arrival of our little one. I will keep you posted, no pun( i am loser)