Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome to the world
Benjamin Barron Jackson!!

. Proud 1st time Grandparents .

. The Cameron Jackson Family.

. Cameron anyone?? .

Benjamin Barron Jackson was welcomed to the world today at 2:17 pm, weighing in at 7lbs7oz and 19 1/2 inches long. He had a bit of a rough start being welcomed in with the cord wrapped around his neck twice, and forceps leading the way. But despite the few hurtles he had to overcome he came out screaming and very healthy! Leslie was a trooper with a pretty intense delivery, and much to everyone's suprise Cam stayed strong as her support and didn't even get queasy. Way to go Ceemeron!!

We are so thrilled to have this new addition to our family, and can't wait to bring his little cousin along for the ride in July! Grandma Ali and Grandpa Steve couldn't be more proud.. especially since Ben could pass as Cam's twin brother :) . Congratulations Cam and Leslie... you did good work!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

.Fish Guts Is Almost There!.

Now, not many of you may know that we affectionately call our new home "fish guts". Those of you that have seen it understand our nickname but for those of you that haven't, let's just say we've chosen the "industrial" side of town to make our first home.
We really are thrilled though to be in our new place and set up some roots. It will be so nice to have everything brand spankin' new, and to finally have a place we can call "ours". It's been so fun to watch it change from dirt pile, to cement hole, now to framed out house. Completion is due for late April/early May and we are anxiously twiddling our thumbs till it's done. My nesting instinct is in full throttle, and living in the unfinished basement of the in-laws is not boding well with it. I need some tangible fish gut rooms to be dealing with! We will keep you all posted on it's progress, and will eventually give you the finished photo tour of our new digs. We can't wait!!!

.BeLLy wATch 07'.

21 Weeks

23.5 Weeks

Here I am just expanding more and more by the minute. My monthly doctor appointments of gaining no weight are far distant memories. I am packing them on now, and little missy is growing too! It's hard for me to honestly tell you it doesn't bother to watch my body go, because at this point it REAAALLLY does. I never thought I would care.. but I do.. now just bring on the stretch marks and I will be "Dress Barns" new poster gal. CAN'T WAIT!!!
No, all and all things are fantastic. Our baby girl is healthy, we have gotten nothing but good news on her front and I just can't wait to meet her this summer. I may literally resemble a nice summer sausage by the end, but she will be all worth it. Hope you are all reveling in my itense beauty... because really it's nothing but! E n J o Y ! !

Gilbert 6 months

St. George BABIES!!!!
The weekend of the 11th we had the funnest time down in SUNNY St. George with Robyn, Bob and the kids. We went down with Trevan, Kennan, Jude, and Nannie and I'm pretty sure fun was hadby all. Robyn (or the Dahli Lama as Dustin likes to refer to her as), is one of my best friends, and it is always a blast when all of us sisters get together (we missed you Paige :( ). The guys golfed 36 holes, and the ladies had their hands full with what seemed like at least 38 kids. FYI, 5 kids ages 7 and under, not so easy... especially when 3 of the five are under 2. But we managed and all in all it was a great weekend. Dust and I may not pop 4 kids out any time soon, but still fun.

Please forgive my lack of pictures... the camera's batteries pooped out on me, and I only had time to snap pictures of 4 of the grandbabies there. I couldn't get Tucker to hold still long enough for me to get a decent shot, and the camera died before any pictures of the rest of the group were taken. WE LOVE OUR ST. GEORGIANS!! Thanks Rob and Bob for such a fun weekend.

Gwyneth (Gwynie) 22 months

Abe 6

Jude 16 months

(not pictured, Tucker age 7)