Wednesday, February 23, 2011

first born and an iphone

sometimes i forget she is my first baby.
the little heartbeat i was so happy and relieved to hear.
the tiny newborn i was made to love.
the little pink cherub that never gave me a lick of trouble.
those leg rolls... the baby coos,
and her messy mouth.
it's easy to forget.
sometimes all i see is the attitude,
and the never ending questions,
and the big sister.
sometimes i only see the little-big girl she has become.


but then i catch a moment like this.
and it all comes flooding back.

and my heart literally hurts for all the good, and the bad,
and the wonderful she was, is, and will be.


my little moo...
i adore you.

spring time photo rush

well it's started.
i've been a busy
and i can't say i mind too much.

so here are some snippets of the fruits of my labor,













hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

feeling reflective...

this post is for me. obviously.
who even reads this ghost town anymore?
i've fallen so far off the blogging train, i don't even know where to pick myself up again. but i miss it. i miss having some sort of "voice" (cheesy right?) for my muddled life. i really miss writing something that matters to me, and miss feeling like i have some connect to something. i don't even really know what that is... but for a good run there, blogging fulfilled something i can't quite pin point. every year for Christmas Dustin prints me up the blog. this past week i have spent many an hour re-reading the past few years of my life and it's crazy how i can immediately morph back into those moments as i read. they can still feel like they happened moments earlier, but then all at the same time feel so far away. i don't know.. it's weird. but what is SO insanely frustrating to me is how i don't do it anymore. that is, blog with a purpose.. blog about anything of meaning. not that i ever did really, but to me it was genuine and real. the first year of poppy's life has been my craziest ever. literally.. it was a doozy. but reflecting back, my life felt alive and meaningful. i felt more down to earth.. less vain, and actually felt i had clear mind. tired, yes. but it was much easier to pinpoint what was truly important. i was content with my home, content with my car... just over-all content if only my babies would sleep, and i could have some adult conversation. there was no time to fuss over anything else, and although i couldn't see it then, it was nice.
now listen... i know i still have babies. 2 and 3 years old hardly qualifies me for being out of baby stage... hell, we still have diapers and bottles roaming around these parts. but some things have changed... i have more "handle" on my life, events run much more smoothly, and even schedules can usually be predicted. so why do i feel a little lost? why do i now hate my house, and my car, and stress about stupid things like ugly hair, and messy clothes, and how i can eat healthier, and exercise more, all the while keeping my girls entertained? we are involved in more activities than ever..make more outings, etc. yet, i just can't really find the want to blog or memorialize any of it. isn't that sad? my girls are the world's most delicious. they are silly, and bright, and beautiful. but i just have not been feeling "it" lately. and i can't bare to write a post and pretend to be SOO excited about it. although i do enjoy all of those little things... i don't know. let's just rewind back to my "7 days of sunshine". even that couldn't last.. because it just felt pushed and insincere. and that is what i really think it is. i want sincerity back in my life. how did it sneak away? and where did it go? my life is full, and wonderful. please don't think i don't recognize that. i am happy. but i just have this constant nagging feeling of "blah". descriptive, right? that's the best i could do...
but there needs to be a shift.. and i am ready for a change.

can someone please tell me what the change is??

that was a jumbled mess. wasn't it? hmm...
anyway... we do still have fun at the Jackson joint. so in an attempt to revitalize this blog, and my well-being..
here is what we got via camera on Valentine's


what is v-day without a little Valentine breakfast?
even at 6:30 am


this was her first ever Valentine school experience.
she was a fan.


this poor animal...
the girls saw this t-shirt in the dollar bin and they thought gus
should have it.
i agreed.


too bad this is all he did while wearing it.
he only kept it on all of an hour.
he is such a wimp.

so, see?
things are happening in my life.
i just need a good kick in the pants.

until next time,


Wednesday, February 02, 2011



first of all, welcome to the world baby boy.
you are SOO amazing.

groundhog day is a good day in this family.
kennan and trevan welcomed Mr. Ezra Roger Gregory this morning and he is scrumptious.
however, this poor little peanut has been struggling to breath,
and after much debate it was decided he be sent to a bigger and better equipped hospital.
unfortunate is stating it lightly....
due to kennan's c-section she has to stay in her current hospital at the very least until saturday,
meaning she has to be miles away from sweet ezzie. she only got to hold him for a few minutes.
that is not good,
but luckily as of tonight baby Ezra is doing much, much better. hopefully he can kick this respiratory distress business and beat his mama home.
he is the definition of sweet and i love him so much.
here are a few moments i stole before they whisked him off in the ambulance.


Ezra Roger
7lbs 1oz
19.5 inches







gregory family,
we love you.
he is worth it.
and i know you know it.

happy, happy birthday

DSC_0001 copy


yes. he does fold laundry.
and vacuum, and mop.
and spoil me.

nope... you can't have him.
he is all mine.

dustin wayne, i love you. you make me complete

happy birthday my guy. 30 looks good on you.