Monday, July 19, 2010

a jackson family vacay

we just returned home from a lovely family trip with dustin's family.
a major perk of being a jackson???
bear lake.

as usual we had our annual family week up at the BL, but this years extravaganza was extra special. dustin's parents are building their very own delux-a-mundo cabin, and this week we got to watch it come to life. my girls are always more than thrilled to go see the "stinky moo cows", ride the 4-leeders, and adding a day full of dirt and big trucks was just the icing on the cake.
for me personally it was our two day escape to jackson hole. but if i'm being honest, the whole week was just all so splendid.
thank you, thank you steve and alice.

brams and the girls watching the cabin walls come up.

dustin was only all to thrilled to play around and act like he was helping.

seriously this is what they did all day.

minie + a 4-leeder
= L O V E

nothing beats mitt's barbecue .

the home made ice cream wasn't bad either..

and what is bear lake without a beach day?

minie is a big-time ben fan.
she loves him to no end..
she especially loves coaching him on how to go potty.. and still can't stop talking about how he pees like a big boy.

jackson hole makes me happy.
it normally is deemed a williams family trip, as i contiually liked to remind everyone about every 2 hours or so.. apparently they weren't so keen on my own family memories.

however, i must say the jacksons definitely know their own way to have fun in jackson hole.
the town rodeo proved that..
something i have never done while there. and that is saying something. :)

even leslie can't deny herself a little 4-wheeling love.

fun was had.

all. week. long.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

lady liberty... all weekend long.

did the 4th of july linger just a tad bit too long this year for anyone else?
3 straight days of any holiday may just be too much.

that being said...
i love this festive day. we deemed the 3rd the official day we would celebrate, so celebrate we did.

the annual hidden oaks parade?
being part of the williams family patriots?
sort of a big deal.

jumping shots never grow old for me.

nor does older sister adoration.
in poppy's eyes, minie is the cats meow.
even when she gets that death glare in return.

chances are..
if your name is brig, you are 3 months old,
look exactly like your mom,
and are wearing patriotic janie and jack.

well chances are,
you are really cute.

the real housewives of salt lake county.
watch out.

remind yourself to come to our next sidewinder falls extravaganza.

you won't be disappointed.

oh yeah..
did i also mention minie was celebrated all weekend long? i didn't?
she was.
3 so far has proven to be very profitable for her.

it was her true blue birthday though, and

she's worth celebrating.

dear blogging friends-

happy independence day.
the jacksons
{dustin, brooke, minie, & poppy}

when swimming gets wild..

i double dog dare you to try jump from the highest point of an olympic platform.
because, as you can i see i now have experience..
and it was down. right. frightening.

kennan dared me.
how could i say no? if you have the chance.. hit up cottonwood heights. you won't be disappointed.

please note my screaming children in the background. minie was terrified i was "falling down from the roof" flapping her arms in hysterics, while poppy was screaming because she herself wanted to go for a dive in the deep, deep end.
kennan's laugh also helps set the mood.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

minie's tea.. and catch up

phew... it has been a crazy past week and a half.
crazy, crazy, crazy-town.
now, i don't pretend to play dumb.. i know i bring about 90% of this mayhem on myself, and truly i would have it no other way. but i'm still just a smidgen tuckered out from it all..
thus this blog and it's lack of anything worth even your slightest glance.
i do apologize. and i do intend to play catch up.

so consider this post the first of a few in these next couple of days. things are going to get bb uuuu ssy here folks. just enjoy the ride..

a couple of times a year i get real wild and decide to throw birthday bashes for the chile renos.
i have a serious love/hate with the whole shinanigan.
i adore planning these parties. REALLY, truly like crafting, and prepping for it. love making the invites (thank you kennan), like planning a menu, and coordinating outfits.
but what i hate.. more than many things..
is actually throwing said party. the day the actual party rolls around, i am usually a 100% nut case.. just running amuck, and being not so helpful. for example..
this last party.. i ran face first, walking quite fast into a medal pole in our parking lot. i turned my head just in time to let freedom ring, and a glorious black and blue goose egg to take residence smack dab in the middle of my forehead. precious.
not 15 minutes later, while carrying minie's tray of cupcakes, i fell flat on my face again... sending her birthday treats flying.. and me with scraped knees, grass stains, and a crying birthday girl because mom just dumped her pupcakes.

whooeee... i bet that's what your thinking.
luckily i am blessed with some incredibly helpful and caring sisters, moms, friends, AND husband. would you believe it ?.. it always ends up perfect.
and then the whole process repeats itself.

so on that note, consider yourself officially invited to:

i spent weeks gathering frilly "vintage" (DI counts as vintage.. right?) china to have for this very special golden birthday. moosie turned 3 on the 3rd.
it had to be fabulous.

at least she thought so.

the birthday guests enjoyed a many of pb&j finger sandwhiches,

and lemonade tea.

family from afar came.

smooshed pupcakes were still enjoyed.

there was dancing...

and crafting...
and face painting too.

glass slippers were worn.
and cake enjoyed....
that is, until it went tumbling to the ground below and then well..
you can just see for yourself.

aren't grandmas nice?
she even thought to give poppy a gift too.

and any party that starts with tea, and ends in dress-ups??
well you just described minie's dream.

she has not been able to stop talking about it since.

happy birthday baby girl.

and happy day mom.. because it is now behind us.


stay tuned...


Saturday, July 03, 2010

dear minie,

today you turn three.
my baby girl... my heart swoons for you. you are sunshine, and silly, and precious, and sensitive, and girly, and tiny, and pink.. so, so pink! you light up my life. i still adore your teeny tiny feet, and your quirky little toddle. i miss your baby rolls, but feel so delighted with your forever strawberry hair. you know you were meant for me. me and you.. we just make sense baby girl. won't you stay that way forever? somehow i want to bottle you up.. all this 3 year old goodness. yes..even all the dramatics. don't grow up so quick my moodles. i will never look at you with out that binky mouth, and freckled crinkled-up nose. your crazy independent streaks.. or your popcorn loving mouth. i even love your "poopy bum bum" jokes, and your crazy singing.... your thoughtfulness to tell me i look pretty, or our early morning cuddles.
i can't imagine life without you. you are forever mine.
baby girl... i love you to the moon, and back, and then until forever.

happy birthday pupcake