Sunday, June 19, 2011

your father's day.

IMG_0615 copy

can it really be that this is the 4th time we get to celebrate this day?
time is flying and a lot of "just things" in my life seem uncertain.
but never you.
you are my constant.
you are my husband,
my best friend,
and our girls FATHER.


they are so lucky.
they love you...
I L O V E you.
happy father's day


Friday, June 10, 2011

sleeping beauties


how lucky we are when our Santa Clara surf girl wants to spend the night with us.
we adore every last second of gwynnie.
and i couldn't help but document these girlies.



Thursday, June 09, 2011

the graduate


no, no..
this is not a post about you favorite Dustin Hoffman 1960's box office hit.
no... a certain little red head had her first ever graduation.
i too do not understand why completing her first of two years of preschool merits a commencement... but any reason to celebrate this miss feels right. so i was on board.

and yes.. she is scrumptious. i grew her that way.


mins and her one and only miss karen.
she loved this lady, and we are sad to say goodbye.


a "tootie ta"...
did your preschooler do this too?
i sort of love it. it's a fan favorite at our house.


this is beckam.
minie's very first crush.
she loved those baby blues.. and i can't say i blame her. he is a looker.
and totally kewl. look at all of his bracelets.


baby girl #1-
i love, love, LOVE miss miniscule you.
you do me proud.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

happy 60


you are one crazy man.
thank you for always making life funny, loving, and sometimes a little abrasive.
that combo shouldn't work.. but somehow you pull it off smashing.

i love you daddy.
happy birthday