Sunday, October 31, 2010

trick or treat


i've said it before.. i'll say it again.
sunday holidays are tricky business.
things get all muddled about when and how to celebrate,
so then we just celebrate all week long. and well...
it is sort of painful. isn't it?
the rain certainly didn't help anything.

i love me some halloween.
but even I am ready for it to go.
the jackson girls were looking especially scrumptious this season.
and looking back.. i want to bite them.

DSC_0002 copy

my very own mermaid.
she can handle a fin like a pro.

DSC_0950 copy

she refused her hat and nest most of the time...
so really she just sort of looked like a purple blob.
still cute??


one of our favorite festivities included a trunk-or-treat at grandma billie's new joint.
it was a major hit...
and pretty hilarious and slightly scary all at once.


a little pumpkin carving.
this picture was about as long as the whole carving+girls business lasted.
2 minutes in they both decided princess and the frog was much more enticing,
and then dustin and i were left for 1+ hours creating greatness.
it all worked out.

DSC_0024 copy

you didn't think i would forget them?


trick or treating was frigid.
i mean arctic... really.
but aren't jude and minie cute? they are soul mates.


and it ended..
halloween at our house is now down and packed and we are more than happy to say goodbye until next year.

and now comes christmas....


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my itsy bitsy

sometimes i feel like dance for my three year old is maybe silly.
maybe a slight waste of money..

but then i see this.
and i know i am wrong

yes, that is her costume from 2 years ago. her 2010 halloween costume wasn't "dance-able".
would she grow already?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pleased to introduce..

mr. augustus j. bugginsworth.
or just gus.
or gus gus..

or just captain Gus McRae
(no.. not really.
but i think i should maybe start that)
.he snores like a bear
.waddles like a duck
.eats us out of house and home
.is minie's new real life doll
.makes dustin talk like a baby
.is the cutest thing in the world ican'tstandit

are you in love??
we most surely are. he is our dream boat.
i got him for dustin for a little belated anniversary gift, and with the exception of poppy's intense distaste to him,
he is heaven.
i could bathe in his rolls.
minie might smother him... but he's into it.
kind of.

gus gus..
we love, love you.
welcome to the family boy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

so hipsta

i do realize i am quite possibly the last person on the earth to download and fully appreciate this fine application.
but fully appreciate, i do.
i spend countless hours on photoshop trying to achieve such a look,
i feel so now.
so hip.

whatevs... my girls are cute,
my blogging as of late is lame-O,
and fall is on the rear end.
come again?
i know..

thank you iphone.. once more.

makeshift portfolio.

somewhere in the past year i lost my mojo.. updating my photography blog just got to be more than i wanted.. and well, it appeared to the stander by that i no longer took a picture any more. but alas.. that just isn't true.
people have been asking, "where can i look to see some of your work?". i would send them here.. to see just my kids. so after the one too many inquires i am posting this. i brief tasting of some photos i have taken but never got around to sharing...


















i think i may just make this a newish, smallish habit. updating this blog that is. and sometimes with strangers pictures. but really, they aren't strangers, because in order to be here, i know em.. so now you all do too :)


if you are now appearing on my blog for the first time and are now a public spectacle..
well, i am sorry.. and WELCOME.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

5 years

from your silly non-stop affection , to your tolerant ways of my midnight munching, i love you.
i love you when you watch my movies and shows.. and like them. i love the way you always come home to me. come home and want to be with me. no matter how big the fight, i always know you are there for me.
you make me laugh, you make me crazy. but mostly you just make me feel loved. everything good in my life starts with you.
i would have it no other way.
we don't always do it like the rest.. but we both know our way is best. :)
sometimes i forget that you aren't actually the same person as me.. but it's not often. you live your life for me,
and i live mine for you.

happy anniversary you crazy man,
i love you forever.