Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A merry little Christimas

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone. It just flew by like everything else in my life right now.. Figures.
It was a great Christmas, and we so, so, SO enjoyed having our little Minie to celebrate with this year. Christmas in our family is a bit of a marathon. For all intents and purposes, we really have Christmas two days in a row. When we were first married we divided the holidays up pretty even (usually an every other year type of thing), but Christmas is the doozy of the Holidays, and of course both of us wanted to spend it with our own family. Instead of arguing over it every year we just flat out do it with both. Every year on December 23rd we head over to the Jackson's and treat it like Christmas eve, making the 24th the Jackson family Christmas. After we spend the day opening presents, eating, and Christmasing about, we head down to my parents and start the whole thing over... It's a whirl wind. We're not sure how long we'll continue Christmasing with the families, but have a hunch our children won't mind at all to have Christmas two days in a row. I kind of like it myself... So here you go,
Christmas 2007

This was Minie's big gift from Santa, the Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage . She absolutley loves it! Seriously she will sit at it and be entertained for immensely long intervals... kind of nice.
Who knew???

I told you she loves it. Look at that face...

Grandma Jonnnie Belle and her silly Christmas vest

My handsome hub

Dad, being cheerful as always on Christmas morning.

Oh Billum!

Cousins in Christmas PJ's

Miss Mins with her now pantented look for all photos..

Really, she can't make another face if she's going to look at the camera straight on.
I suspect it has something to do with the flash...

Christmas Jammies at Grandma and Grandpa Jackson's

Getting some loves from Grandpa

Cam, Leslie, and Ben on our Jackson Christmas morning.
Sadly our camera died shortly after this shot, so we didn't get many pics at our Jackson Christmas. Thanks heavens are camcord was charged... I'm definately one for capturing the "moment" some how.

And last but not least, our dula.
He very pictuesquely fell asleep under the Christmas tree last night, signaling that Christmas was indeed coming to a close.
Remember when when you were a kid, and at about 6:00 pm Christmas night, the depression of it all being over would set it?... Yeah, I still get that. It truly is a wonderful time of year, and it always comes and goes to quick.
I hope all of yours was merry, jolly, and bright!
Merry, Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Sunday

Satruday night could very well go down as one of our very worse nights we've had thus far with Minie. She was up about 6 times, and then up for good around 5:00 am, making her ready for her morning nap around 8:00 am. Usually following a night like that, we would forfeit even attempting making our 9 am church, but no, NO not on Christmas Sunday. I worked too hard on getting her dress, shoes, bow, etc. for that day, and we were going to make it! Not to mention it's always one of my favorite Sundays to attend...
So here is the product of us rushing to make it to church...

Some how picture taking took priority to making it on time...
So we were late, and only made it through to sacrament.
Minie was a crab the entire time (good thing making us late left us sitting in the very back), and was so over tired she completely zonked out on the 2 minute drive home...
Some how something doesn't seem right...
Our hearts were in the right place.

Jackson/Schaar Christmas Parties

I have never met a family that does more Christmas celebrating than the family I married into. In the 3 years I've been around , there have been always at least 4-5 Christmas parties we attend on just Dustin's side alone. Honestly, it's a little crazy, and took some getting used to ( we only have one measly party on my side) but they are all usually a pretty good time.
Here are a few pics I shot at the last two we attended. They are not labeled or to specific, but I have a lot of blogging to do here in the next bit.. So Sorry,
Please enjoy

Ben is a huge santa fan

.Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sick Baby

My poor little baby.
She has caught something nasty, and it literally makes me hurt to see her like this. Wednesday she would hardly eat a thing, and by Wednesday night she was a completely different baby than we know. She cried, fussed, and fought any means of comfort we tried to give her. Her fever was about 101 and by Thursday morning it was up to 102. We took her to the doctor yesterday afternoon and all he could see was a red, red throat. He thinks it's only a nasty viral infection, which means we just have to wait out the storm. I hate it. Her fever is hanging around 101, and she is just not feeling well in the least. She woke up several different times in the night, moaning and whimpering, half asleep. When I got her up this morning, she was crying and didn't stop for almost 15 minutes afterwards... It breaks my heart to see her like this. She is my smiley happy girl... and all I have to ask is why? There is nothing more pitiful or heart wrenching than to see a baby helpless and sick.. especially when its your baby!
Anyway I just snapped this shot of her when I put her down for her nap this morning... doesn't she look sick even sleeping..
Poor Minsie... go away sick!
Let's hope she's better by Christmas..
Sad girl :(

Thursday, December 20, 2007

necessary, or just cruel??

you tell me.

i've got some serious cheeks...

and i'm darling.

So what?

Christmas Cheer

Well I don't know how it happens, but for some reason when ever the holidays roll around I am absolutely terrible with my photo taking. Apologies all around....
But here is what I do have of one of the 4 parites we've attended so far this season. To be honest these pictures don't do it justice, but it's what I've got and I feel obligated to post anyway.
So here ya go,

Miss. Moodle with Nannie and Grandpa

Jude and Minie.
They are bound to be the bestest of friends

(until sissy comes along that is..)

Just a little gossiping.

Aunt "Leen" (thank you Lamoreaux cousins for the nickname) and Minie.
Eileen is going to watch Minie for a whole week in January while we go on a cruise, and already Minie adores her. I don't know if she could be in better hands!

This year the Williams party was at my Uncle Lee's new club. It was very different, and quite entertaining, but to be quite honest it was a bit much for Minsie. All the lights and music made her quite scared, and very cuddly.. something I didn't mind much at all.

Of course the Nativity.. Kenna and her crew of angels

Mark & Tiffani as a very beautiful Mary and Joseph

I love this picture of Jude... could he be cuter?
Oh yeah, and Trev, and they are shepards

Minie as the red headed baby Jesus.. I want to smoosh her
Merry Christmas Williams side. It always stays interesting!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Brown Drink and Grabby Hands

About two weeks ago Minie really discovered her hands. We're not talking just looking at them and sucking on them, she full out knows what to do with those little suckers, and now grabs pretty much anything in reach. Which brings us to this picture...
The brown drink.
If you know the Jackson's at all, you know that one is hardly seen with out a big cola in hand, and it looks like Minie may be falling into, not necesarily a good thing. She will stop all to get a hold of your drink, and try with all her might to slurp some of that goodness..

At least she looks adorable doing it..

We never actually let her have any, so close all your mouths... We're not that bad of parents.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

How it gets better....

Countless moments like this...

She heals me.