Friday, June 29, 2007

Belly MO Belly...

That's me 38+ weeks pregnant and literally ready to pop. I know she has no room in there anymore as I constantly feel limbs sticking out at every angle. Hopefully this will be my last belly shot.. **SIGH**.... hopefully.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Okay.. so I know mine and K's blogs are often identical, but that's just what you get when your sister happens to be your BFF and we spend A LOT of time together.
SOO.. the Bee's game!! We all went this week and I think fun was had by all (minus the man kennan mentioned)! I love baseball games... are more technically I love baseball game FOOD!!! They seriously have the best foot long dogs (although once again the man dying put a little damper in my appetite..but definately NOT his fault).
This is probably the only game we will make this year, and I must say it lived up to all of my Bee's game expectations!!! Thanks for the invite Nannie!!

Granny is an AVID baseball fan and never peeled her eyes from the game.

Nan and Jude

Twinners in their Bee's hats


Our attractive husbands

Uh oh.. which is a thumb, which is a toe???

Grandpa Steve

Isn't he a nice Grandpa?? Not often do you see Mitt in this role, and this past Sunday I just had to snap a few shots of Grandpa and Ben :)

We love you Grandpa Steve!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Nursery

I've had several people ask me to post some pictures of the Baby's room. So for you people... here they are!!!

Duke's Demise....

Need I say more? My poor little guy :(
For some reason my brilliant husband thought it would be a great idea to give Duke a little summer trim. Why he thought he could pull it off?? I still am asking that same question. When I saw what he had done I cried for an hour straight and locked Dustin out of our room..
It devastes me, but I have since forgiven him. I still cringe a little every time I glance at poor Dula. However... it has now been decided he very much so resembles a merekat..aka Timone.
So hakunamatata I suppose.....

A BuBy ShOwEr (s)....

This past week we were blessed enough to have 2 awesome baby showers. The first was thrown by Dustin's Aunt's, and they went WAY over and above to make everything just perfect (of course :) ). It was a lovely evening, with many GREAT gifts.
The next night my sister's and Mom threw me a family/neighborhood shower, and it was fabulous as well. We had such a great turn-out and everyone at both showers were all extremely generous. This little girl is already SOO spoiled!!!

Schaar Shower


Williams Shower
Yes, my sisters DID make me wear this ridiculous little tiara..seriously, they wouldn't let me take it off

Thank you again!!!!
The Jackson's

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bear Lake

This past weekend Dustin and I finally made a trip up to "Bear Flats". I've really wanted to go up there before baby girls get's here, and finally an opportunity arose. Mark and Tiffani came with us and it was a very fun relaxing weeked!
The usual activities were done (four-wheeling/biking, etc.) minus me being invloved. So these pictures aren't so great at capturing the real "spirit" of the weekend but that is only because I spent the majority of it on the doodle coach (napping).
***Please also note there will be no pictures of me posted. I am far too bulbous to be in front of a camera at this point in my life.***

The only time Dust's pistol ever gets any use.. I hate that thing :(

The boys setting up some targets to shoot at

Mark & Tiffani

The one and only picture slightly acceptable of me... Trust me, I am saving you the pain of a whole body shot. I AM WHUUGE!!

Enjoy "Wits End"!