Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fetal Foto

Our little love is just a stubborn one. I guess she just take after her Dad :) . We have now gone to Fetal Foto 3 times due to little missy not cooperating, and these are the best shots we could get! I still think she looks beautiful, but some of these are kind of hard to decipher what you are seeing. Her little face is partly snuggled into the placenta, so that's why it is so hard to see. Also, her chin is tilted back, making her nose appear on the larger side. I don't care!!! I love this baby girl soo much, and I just CANNOT wait for her to get here. I hope you enjoy these pics!
Chubby Cheeks

Her first position when we started.. look at that acrobat!! That IS her knee touching her nose!

WHAT?!? She has HAIR!! The white lines is her hair "floating" in the amniotic fluid.

2-D Profile

4-D Profile

I told you they were a little hard to decipher... She's pretty though, huh???

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

!fLoRiDa FuN!

are you ready???

uh... yeah... this is me in a bikini

my view from above :)

dust was very TINERD after golf

uh oh.. they had DDR in the hotel arcade, and I may have needed to play a few rounds

Sea World

This past week Lifetree had a conference in Orlando, FL and lucky me got to bum along! Steve and Alice were kind enough to invite me to tag along, and boy was it nice to be in that weather :) . Although I did get my anual "Fry" (as Trev likes to call it), it was awesome to just lay by the pool and wallow in my rotundness. And yes, I am wearing a bikini in those pictures.. I AM that comfortable being fat.
We also hit up Sea World after the conference was over, and I always love it. It maybe was a tid-bit awkward not having any children with us, and me being as excited about all the sea mamals as I was, but.... we still had a blast, and I will always love ANY theme park.
All in all it was a fabulous week, and a great get-away.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

Easter this year was wonderful. We had lovely church talks, musicals, and a delicious Easter dinner. Cam, Leslie, and Ben came over for dinner, and Alice had grear Easter baskets for us to open. Of course Dustin insisted on us all watching "The 10 Commandments" so that is still taking up the better part of the day... All in all a WONDERFUL holiday! HAPPY EASTER!!!

*SIGH*... Belly Shot

26.5 Weeks
Here it is.. It ain't pretty but here it is. I am growing leaps and bounds by the week. All I can say is little missy better come out weighing AT LEAST 7 1/2 lbs, or boy am I going to feel sheepish! Hope you all enjoy :) .

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I just had to make a post just for this little guy... Isn't he adorable??


Our newish, Jewish family traditon....

When I was about 13 or 14 my Mom whipped out the tradition of Passover dinner for our family. We celebrate it often hand in hand with Easter, and I must say it is one of my more favorite family traditions. I don't neccesarily love the meal (I hate lamb..yuck), but the story of Passover is so neat, and my Mom always goes the distance with making it as authentic as possible... this year being no exception!

Monday, April 02, 2007

. Conference Weekend .

Conference weekend was a blast this spring. We spent lots of time with family, and of course enjoyed the good word.

We started out the weekend with the traditonal "Girls Night Out", and had a ton of fun. Alice joined us this year, and that only added to it all. She really is quite the party! I know you Jackson boys missed out on your bi-annual ice cream, but sorry.. you may have to get a new tradition, because we may just need Alice every 'Girls Night Out' now.. Sorry!
A little shopping was done, and then of course dinner. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but still so much fun. I love all of the girls in my family, and can't wait to add one more of those loves next conference! Rob, we really missed you :( .


Can you hardly stand it? I can't... Little missy is never going to be with out a bow, and YES they will be huge. Is there really any other way ? We had ourselves busy during the sessions getting creative making these lovely adornments, and thanks must be given to Jude for modeling almost every single one of them. Let's also say he makes a beautiful little girl! I just had to share how cute these lil' puppies are. Hurry up and get here baby girl!

Paige all of the sudden grew Rapunzel length hair and I being in the "hair mood" really just needed to braid it. So I may be a little rusty around the edges, but regardless, do you all agree that should Nate decide to take on another wife, Paige could maybe fit the part???

Whoa... no there are not twins in there. Nor is my face pregnant...

.Some of the conference watchers.
Lucy (the dog)

Jude sporting the Johnny Appleseed look.

Sorry Dad.. I just had too. :)

I think Kennan just took this one of herself (she often has her own personal photo shoots), so I am kindly obliging her and posting it.