Monday, April 26, 2010

BELGIUM or bust

so what,
i forgot to mention the most incredible trip dustin and i are taking? you know, the one we've been planning for nearly 2 years?

i know.. you thought we were better friends than that.
we are...
just call it superstition. i didn't want to jinx it.

early wendesday morning Dustin and I are headed off to Belgium and the Netherlands.
no biggy.

he is required to go for his MBA program, and there ain't no way i was ever not accompanying him. we will be gone for 10 days, child free.

i. am. so. excited.

nannie is taking the girls, and minus the slight case of laryngitis i decided to catch,
all is going smoothly.
even.. *gasp*... packing.

keep your fingers crossed, and be insanely jealous.
because this trip is going to rock it.

Friday, April 23, 2010


i match my family.

i've been wanting to do this ever since this chicky baby on Idol started sporting it.
she was always too cute.. and i thought "hmm.. red."

minie keeps telling me
1. "mom.. your hair funny."
2. "you have kennan hair."

poppy just tries to touch it,
and dustin told me i looked like Justin Bieber.


i say i like it.
even love it.

what think?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

turns out..

getting caught in the rain isn't my best look.

where did this monsoon come from?
i promise you as i headed out the doors of target it was only a light drizzle...
20 feet and thirty million sheets of rain later,
this is what we looked like.

they look all smiles here,
but moments earlier were definitely not amused with the pelting hail.

we had to wait 30+ minutes or so in the parking lot for the rain to die down...
ya know because,
i forgot my amphibious car at home today..
sure could have used it.

anyone else singing in the rain?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

and also...

took photos of miss. amazing herself this afternoon.
she is too delish to handle.

love you pretz,

our favorite get-away

as i mentioned earlier, we headed out last week for an extended weekend to our favorite and best.
st. george.
dustin had some workish to conduct down south, and i won't ever turn me down an invite to see those lamoreaux people. we love them.
our days are busy with their life, the glorious fenced-in yard, delicious food, and always good company. the girls cry when it's time to go.. and as we get on the freeway heading north i can't always help but ask "why don't we live here??"
i could be a desert dweller.. pool, red rock..
me thinks i love it.

besides minie's potty mishaps, she thoroughly enjoyed herself. she loves playing with the "big girls". here i caught her giving flirtaous eyes to Gina. can you tell she is enamored?
i haven't taken a picture of her that i love this much in a long time.
pretty girl.

girls club:
gwyn, minie, gina

this one...
there are no words.

i love you gwyneth rose.
be mine anytime.

nothing quite like a nice DC to quench that toddler thirst.

we love our stays.
thank you again robyn and bob. a million times over.
when can we move in?

Thursday, April 15, 2010


scratch that last post.

minie is not doing well with this whole potty training business. the back of the book had a whole chapter on stubborness.. i just skimmed through it not really thinking it to be a hurdle.

well, suprise, suprise...
it is.

minie woke up this morning with nothing but hatred for her once beloved pink throne. she refused to even talk about it, much less sit on it. today she held her bladder for over 8 hours just to avoid going.. and then hid and peeped in my sisters yard. all of the sudden requests for her bink and bottle are being made (which we've been rid of for month or so now), and she has been asking for her diapers. when i told her she wasn't a big girl if she wore them, still just a baby.. she said " yea.. minie moo a baby" with pride. probably adding hurt to it all was our decision to head down to for an early weekend. i feel like the worlds worst parent. no two ways around it. she and i are both getting angry with eachother, and why? why am i fighting with my 2 year old? it makes her cry, like break her heart cry when i pester her to go. is it worth it? when her cousin gwyn asked her to go today, she simply replied "nooo... i tired of the potty gwynnie!"

guess we're still not ready. the key word being WE.
i'm not ready to fight her like this. it is not worth it. i will change that baby bum of hers until she feels brave enough to do it herself.

so maybe just save that last post for another time?? perhaps next month.. or the next?

i don't know.

and please.. for the record, snide, judgemental "annonymous" comments aren't really appreciated. and definetly are not saving any friendship. if you can't say it to my face in a tactful way..there isn't any sort of the relationship on the line. period.

adventures of the toilet
m0m vs. minie

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

training day

no.. i'm not talking about your favorite Denzel thriller.

although i do promise you what i mean is just as tense, and much more traumatic.
potty training day.
i have dreaded the day from the moment i concieved minie.
i watched my sisters struggle through wet beds, and poopy undies.. and i just knew i wasn't cut out for it.
it just stresses me out. what can i say?
but lo and behold, minie actually sporadically started taking herself to the toilet to do her privy business and i just knew i could put it off any longer.
that and the smallish fact that preschool won't be happening this fall if we don't have a good handle on it by then.

it was time.
do you want to know the best part of being the youngest in a family?
everyone else gets to all of the hard stuff before you.
thank everything holy that robyn and kennan have had toddlers pave the way.
my prep took all of a quick phone call to the sisters, and they led me right where i needed to be.

toilet training in less than a day.

sounds daunting, right??
it was.. it is.
but we did it.

i've been buying our potty loot for a couple of weeks now, so when this morning rolled around we were more than ready to get things started.
we spent the better part of the morning chugging all manner of liquids, munching popcorn and cheetos, and playing dolls.
pretty sure minie wants to train all day, every day.
my mom took poptart for the day, so it was just me and my mins. one on one.
at first it felt novel..
but by lunch she was missing her favorite shadow, and grew tired of mom. apparently the feeling was mutal on the other end as well :) .
that bit made my heart swoon a little,
but that's besides the point...

success took time.
she did make it to the potty, but only to just walk away and piddle all over the floor 5 steps away.
it was frustrating. by nap time i was ready to throw in the towel. i called my mom and sisters and told them they were crazy, and that i didn't believe them that it worked.
i was convinced they had just forgotten...

but alas,
minie woke up with dry pants and exictment to try her new-found skill. she went right to the potty, lowered her pants and hasn't looked back since. she had zero accidents this afternoon/evening, and seems to know when she needs to go.

all day she was awarded gifts and munchies.. every time she was praised she asked me to take her picture.. and every time i obliged. this one day she got whatever she asked just as long as she kept her wee in the toilet.

by far her favorite task all day has been training her new dolly.
doll training was only supposed to last the first hour or so of the day, but minie's baby kept going all day long. and i believe that more than anything helped her the most. if dolly went ( and how special she could go every time :)...) minie went.

how they come up with such things i do not know..
i'm just glad they did and i could follow.

although i'm not so niave as to believe we are out of the woods yet,
i feel a world of relief. and a lot proud.
this day is over with.. my girl is succeeding..
and i adore her to the end of time.

this business kicks my butt...
pray tomorrow morning she still remembers.

and now i'm off to watch some gLee...
good night.



Tuesday, April 06, 2010

my easter post

let me preface this post by saying easter this year was good.
it was just slightly.. shall we say manic?
seems to fit.

so first of all.. some high notes:
. conference this weekend?
well if i were kewl, would say,
was off the hizzy.
but i don't feel particularly comfortable with that, so let's just say i enjoyed it. a lot.
combine all of that with a holiday weekend, and really i can't complain one bit.

.the girls absolute excitement over their target dollar bin laden easter baskets.
.truly and most suprising, understanding the depths of poppy's love for candy.
.and how could i forget minie's middle of the night wake-up call to let me know that "da easter bunny doesn't like minie. he no come to our house. i 'fraid".
.the girl's immense adoration for the new mega-powered bubble machine.. and my midnight wal-mart run to fetch said item. i had bought one earlier.. but upon setting things up quickly realized i was jipped $15 in form of darling Hello Kitty and her bubble blowing abilities.
bottom line... stick with the orginal.

. these girls in their adorables.

'nuff said.

.this dula.
i love him. cute little rat that he is.

. and oh yes... these girls.

what were the bad points you ask??
well let's not delve into that here.
i will say that if i never have to have another political discussion with my husband and family again, it will be too soon.
AND i promise to be nicer when i am hungry with whining kids.
snow go away.

ahh, well.

happy easter!