Friday, September 28, 2007

sweet pea

oh my lovey girl...
as you lay sleeping in your cradle, mommy is still up for unknown reasons just relishing in my love of you. minie, you are so perfect. you complete every dream i've ever had about my baby. you are the sweetest munchy around. i feel a little sad, because you are already almost 3 months old, and i feel like i haven't documented enough of it! i've decided to start writing letters to you every so often (starting right now) to remind both of us what this time is like in our lives. it's such a happy time, and i want to remember it always!

~miss minie moo~
you are an amazing little person baby girl. your personatlity is developing more and more every day, and every day we are falling more and more in love with you. for starters, you are the cutest gal west of the mississippi! you're strawberry hair is so sweet, and somehow you are petite and round at the same time! nannie always says you are just "pink", and you are! from your sweet little head, clear down to those tiny little toes you are just rosy! you are such a happy baby and will flash your heart-melting, crooked smile at any given excuse. your favorites being sayings such as, "how you doin'?" and "kookookachoo!!". you have the silliest little giggle, that actually sounds more like gargling and often results in you coughing on your own drool... silly girl. you are very attentive, and love to watch everything around you. you are my best pal, and are always hanging around with mama. for some reason you think i am quite funny and always save your best (smiles, giggles, cuddles..) for me. i adore that! lately you've started this insanely adorable habit of pulling away while i'm nursing you, and giving me the sweetest grin, with milk dribbling down you face, almost saying "thanks for the food mama!". you also always coo so sweetly after you are fed, staring at me intently.. and minie moo.. i can feel your love for me. i know it's probably based on me caring for you, and you know mom = food, but i just have to tell you, when you look at me like that i just melt. i love you too baby girl.

since about 2 weeks, you've been this crazy little kicker. your left leg LOVES to move! if you are awake, that leg is moving! sometimes the right leg will give a few pushes here and there.. but nothing like that darn left leg. you will make an excellent cheerleader someday (my left leg was always my stronger one too) ;) ! one of mine and daddy's favorite things is to be in the car and just hear you a kickin' away in the back seat. your little legs just swooshing over the fabric on your car seat..."swoosh, swoosh..swoosh, swoosh". that's how we know you are awake and well back there munchkin!
speaking of your legs... oh goodness, moozer! those things are edible!! we just want to munch them all the time. they are soft, and full of rolls.. just like we like em'! your tiny, miniature feet are just the perfect accent for them. really, heavenly father was working over time when he decided to add those appendages for you!
another sweet thing you are starting to do, is suck those 2 little fingers. goodness girl.. you already look just like daddy, and now this! dad trys to act like it bothers him that you've picked up this habit of his childhood, but secretly i know he loves that you do it... you are our minie... mini dustin that is! and i love you even more for that.. it's so perfect to have the love of my life created into this bundle full of! it's wonderful.. all the love daddy and i have, jumbled together and we got you!! gosh our love is one powerful incredible thing!
mostly sweet girl, you just amaze me. i can't believe that you are mine. minie = mine. you know that's what your name means.. "mine". it's so perfect because you are mine it's just so amazing that heavenly father decided to trust us with someone so spectacular. you are perfect in our eyes, and i love you so much baby. i can't wait to watch you grow sweet angel.. so stay sleeping so sweetly in your cradle, bundled up so tight, and know that i will never, never grow out of love for you. you are mine forever,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

YuMMy MuncHKin!

i HEART this little girl!
look at this outfit... she is just delicious!

short hair

i did it.
i cut it all off... well what there was anyway.
so much for that "long, pretty hair" wish.
it always was a pipe dream.
what do you think?
i love it.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Here it is Family.. I got tagged too!
4 Jobs I have had
Dental assisting pediatrics for Dr. Bekker
Dental assisting for Dr. Stucki
Sales at the Gap
Canyon Red (yay Bob!)
4 Movies I could watch again
Harriet the Spy
Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Sensiblity
The Birdcage
4 Places I have lived
Highland, Ut
Provo, Ut
Draper, Ut
4 Guilty Pleasures
Staying up late watching anything on Bravo
Going to Target
Cold Stone
4 Vacations I have been on
London, & Paris
New York City
San Jaun Islands
4 Favorite Foods
Anything mexican
Any type of CHEESE
4 Website I visit
Family and Friends Blogs
Facts about Miscarriage-Pregnancy and Baby support Forums
4 Places I would rather be
On a beach anywhere
Laughing with my sisters
Eating at a restaurant with my Hub (we love to eat out :) )
4 books I love
Time Travelers Wife
Harry Potter
Twilight Series
To kill a mockingbird
4 things I would like to know how to do
Cook really well
be crafty at ANYTHING
4 things I worry about
Getting pregnant again in the next year
Dressing ugly/being fat
4 of my happiest moments
When Dust and I first held Minie the first mintues after she was born
Going up to Bear Lake for the first time, and realizing I was going to marry Dustin
Being sealed to my love
Finding out we were going to have a girl!
4 things I want in the near future
Some designer Jeans
Pretty, long hair (probably not happening)
A nice camera

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Minie's Blessing

Minie was blessed on Sunday and it was wonderful. My sweet husband did a fantastic job blessing her, and there were SOO many people there to show their love and support. You should have seen the size of the circle.. they could hardly all fit! After the blessing Grandma Ali hosted a very nice brunch at her house. The food was excellent, and the weather was perfect. All in all it was an extremly exquisite day.

Darling baby girl

Mom and baby

Daddy.. he loves this girl

Our little family

Williams side Preisthood holders, and men in the circle

Jackson side Priesthood holders, and men in the circle

Grandma Ali and Grandpa Mitt

Nannie and Minie (Grandpa Mike had to leave right after the blessing)

Great Grandma Shirley and Lee

Her "after blessing" outfit

One of Grandma Ali's presents to Minie...How cute is it!

We love this girl so much...she is ours forever, and not a day goes by that I don't thank the Lord for this most precious and perfct gift.
Thank you for chosing us Minie!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Friday was my Mom's birthday and all of the kids that still live here in Utah all went out to celebrate. We ate at the delicious Tuscany, and then hung out and Kennan's aftewards.
My Mom is the ultimate best and I love her so much. She is one of my closest best friends, and has always been incredible. She's still the "boss of the world" and in my eyes there is no world without her. I love you Mommy!!

i adore her...

i just simply do

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Aunt Paigie

Aunt Paigey is the best!
She came over today soley to see little Minie, and she is just so fun. She played with Minie all she could, read her some stories, and even sung some fabulous songs along with the music to one of her books. I hate to say it, but I think Minie might actually get Paige to have a baby sooner than she's planned.. so just jump to the end Paige, and give Minie a cousin!!!

Jackson Hole 2007

Well we just returned Monday from the Williams' annual Jackson Hole trip. It was soo great to get out of town for a while, and as always Jackson was gorgeous. We stayed in Teton Village, and the whole (almost) family was there. We have made this trip almost every year for the past 5 or so years, so this time around we mostly just relaxed... it was incredibly nice. It was Minie's first official trip and she did remarkably well.. she's such a good baby, we've decided we are going to keep her :p!
Thanks you so much Mom and Dad for inviting us.. it was a blast!

First SWIM!

Minie had her first swim while in Jackson, and goodness was she ever YUMMY in her suit!! So, I know a bikini isn't the most practical clothing item for a newborn.. who cares, she looked dang cute!
She only liked the pool okay... the water was a little too cold for her, but it was very fun while it lasted. I love to swim, so I hope she grows up to be quite the fish.. one thing is for sure, there will be MANY more swimming days ahead of us!

Jenny Lake

I love Jackson Hole, and I really love Jenny lake... it's gorgeous! The Lamoreaux gang, along with my Mom, me, Dust, Minie, and the Clarks' all headed up to Teton National Park and enjoyed a very nice afternoon at the lake. Robyn's kids were crazy and jumped in the glacier run off water acting like it was no big deal (yes, even Gil her 1 year old) when I vould hardly handle my pigs emerged in it! Minie enjoyed the sun for the short while I allowed her to be in it, and Nannie was great and watched the kids when needed. It was an excellent afternoon... I wish I were still on vacation :(

Beautiful Jenny Lake

Paige and "Rucccy"

Hey Robyn!

GIL... who does he think he is?? The water was FRIGID!

Tucker and Abe each won about $20 by jumping in the lake...I'm still not thinking it was worth it. But in the name of Pokemon that money will buy, I'm sure it was....

Cute Tuck

Nannie and "Dwyn"

Gwynnies darling red pigs!!


While at Nannie's house the other day, Nan gave Minie a bath in the sink. Earlier in the day she had bought Minie these very cute halloweenie jammies, and after bath time she got to wear them :)
Aunt Kennan was giving Minie some loves and Minie quite enjoyed it. She's our yummy little Pumkin!