Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmasing about

as i'm sure most all of you have,
we've been busy.
but do you remember that Christmas is celebrated 2 days in a row in this family? 2 Christmas eves, two Christmas days, and 2 very long days of sleepless babes.
i'm not complaining..
but yessiree... it is heavy duty in this family.
and because of that i like to pretend i feel more tired than you all this week.
does that work for you?

so onto some of the events...
let's see..

.santa came.
somehow, someway, despite many a hefty threat, minie waddled her way on to the nice list, and well poppy by default remains good and snug there at minimum, until her second birthday.
our house seems just the tiniest (largest) bit smaller now, and all the festivities, excitment, skipped naps, steady diet of cookies, candy canes, and whatever else this seemingly careless parent approved their children to ingest have left the girls ( and me)
with a lovely virus of some type or other.
truly though, i think almost everyone would agree it has been worth it.
Christmas really is magical.

this was our first Christmas staying at our house and we loved it.
it was so incredibly fun waking up to our own tree with presents skirted about. minie was more than a little miffed that santa ate her cookies she left for him the night before.. but soon nearly forgot all, once she discovered the pony he left in lieu of the nibbled cookies.
that girl...
.poppy louise adores her new chair, and crawled right to it as soon as she made her way down the stairs. as long as she has that, she doesn't much mind when minie claims all the other gifts as her own,
and i am just trying to enjoy this probably one year that will be the case.
.dustin's parents spoil the girls rotten.
i'm pretty sure they way out did our own gift giving to the girls... and well.. i remind you yet again how limited the space in our home is now feeling.
.there was also lots of play time with cousins on both sides,
and i know that more than anything was the girl's favorite thing about this year.
my parent's house is a zoo when we all get together... add the christmas crazy to that mix,
and well... it's sheer chaos.
but i wouldn't have it any other way.

the following pictures are in no particular order. i had intentions of organizing something pretty, but then quickly realized i has close to 15 pictures to upload..
and well, this is what you get.
merry christmas

stole this from my mom's blog.
seems to be the only family shot we've had this entire holiday season.

aren't these cute cousins?

loving poppy's intense stink eye here..
goes to show she does actually mind minie's constant jabs, and steals.

"charlie boy" the pony.
lovingly named by mins herself.

note to self: forget big expensive gifts next year.
the $12.99 princess styling kit is all minie has really cared to play with.

somehow kennan always sneaks my camera and captures something truly beautiful.
christmas night produced this...
her right foot is the 8th wonder of the world.

and *phew*...
were done.

it feels nice to be closing 2009. it has been a hard year. a growing year.
i think i feel a stop to some of those growing pains,
and i anxiously await the arrival of 2010.
yet, i still feel like i can close this year with a smile.
and i am grateful.

better late than never..

we actually also celebrated thanksgiving...

this post seems a bit anti-climatic seeing as all the photos taken
look as though they could have been captured on any given day


they weren't.

and i promise,
i sometimes do actually appear in front of the camera...
just usually not my own.
this particular day i believe i ended up in front of robyn's. sure would be nice to see them.
{yes... that is a heavy suggestion robyn}

happy thanksgiving
35 days late.

Friday, December 25, 2009

in case you were missed

hope you've had a splendid season.

merry christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

the reality of my children

the fact of that matter is they are reeeeaaallly hard to take a picture of.
i snap hundreds, urging them nearly to the point of torture to just "sit still and look at the camera". i don't even really need a smile... just a glance in my general direction will suffice.
but no, no...
instead i get silly tongues, crazy faces, alligator tears, and sister cat fights.

usually i rummage through all that mess, find at least one somewhat decent shot to show off to you and lead you all to believe i've got it together.. that my kids are precious, adorable, and obedient.

but it being christmas and all,
i suppose the gig is up
(at least this time)

so without further ado,
here are the tootsies
all decked out in there christmas fancies,
being every bit as adorable and wicked as they look...


happy christmas


Sunday, December 20, 2009

oh mary, mary

this little lady...

it was her hearts dream to perform the role of Mary in the annual family nativity.
she took her part very seriously, walked so gently as to not upset her pregnant belly (yes.. my 2 year old was sporting a knocked up look. what?), and never broke character.

i love her so much.

has there ever been a sweeter Mary?

or a cuter mary and joseph??

and definitely never a cuter shepherd.

merry christmas my babies.
you did get the true meaning of this all,
even if for just a minute.

having kids is really fun.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

feeling MeRRy and bRIght mini session SPECIAL

i have finally put together an oliverminie j. holiday photography package.
hip, hip, hooray!
i am especially in love with these photo booth pictures these days, so here is my gift to you:

i will be offering 10 holiday photo booth mini sessions. they will all be about 20 minutes long and will be $75/shoot. that price includes the sitting fee, 5-8 edited photos (depending on how many people are in the group) on a high res. disc, one photo booth collage/strip, and the printing rights of the photos.

due to the nature of these, all sessions must be payed for in advance. i will be doing 5 sessions in December, and then 5 sessions the first part of January. we will be doing this first come first serve so that means that if you hurry up and book these i WILL have proofed and polished pictures for you within a week, making it very possible for you to have a fun and creative holiday card/ christmas gift to give! something i don't even have yet... :)
not to mention how gorgeous these look blown up on canvas hung on you wall..
very perfect.
so hurry up and book peeps!

the dates will all be afternoon shoots and
our december dates are quickly approaching:

wednesday december 16th
and friday december 18th

january dates:

tuesday january 5th
and wednesday january 6th.

{ after you have paid for your session through paypal you will recieve an e-mail confirmation and we will choose a date and time }

*sessions are nonrefundable, but we can be flexible with re-scheduling for another day in needs be!

feel free to call or e-mail me with ANY questions.



Sunday, December 06, 2009

where we've been

well it's that most wonderful time of the year, and alas the blog has been neglected.
really there is no good excuse..
well maybe one...
my new favorite show that is.
TNT got me interested enough to go rent the first season, and well, i'm now a little obsessed. both dustin and i actually.. it might be a slight problem. but we are dealing with it by swiftly working our way through all the seasons. my day is not complete without an episode.
i love me some Seely Booth.
yes.... we are considering a 12 step program of some type. just as soon as i am caught up

no really, truly, honestly we have been semi-busy with holidaying about. i've been staying occupied with photo shoots and we have already had a good share of Christmas parties to attend. combine that with decorating and dealing with minie's constant blows to her sister.. well blogging just doesn't seem to fit in the whole equation.

so here is a little snippet of what we've been up to.

friday night Steve and Alice took the chile renos to see Santa. it went ok. minie had a minor epileptic moment last year upon sitting on Ho Ho's lap, so this year i prepped her days before trying to explain what was going to go down. it actually seemed to work quite nicely. she waddled right up to Santa's lap and quickly informed him she wanted "a pony".. and then was more than a little upset afterwards when he produced a miniature candy cane in lieu of said pony.
we're still trying to help her grasp the whole mechanics of Santa, Christmas, and what it means to be naughty vs. nice.... it's not going so great.
sadly there was no probable way of prepping the one year old for such a terror of an old man in a red suit, so she screamed at what we like to call "poppy decibel" the whole time.
hmm.. maybe next year??

ben is also a santa hater. we didn't have photo documentation this year but look here for a reminder.
he is much more for the "spirit" of Santa.
miss louise also had her first ever trim.
her party in the back was just getting a little too out of hand, so off with the mullet it was.
she even got her hair round-brushed afterwards.
yes.. i thought it was odd too.. but they did it.
she is cute.
isn't she?

and here is my girl, mins.
she got out of the bath the other night and after putting on her nightgown insisted i take her picture.
she is crazy. i love that little round face. she drives me crazy.. but i suppose it is a good crazy.. because i adore her.

so there you have it. i am going to try stay current on this thing but i make no promises.
hope you are all cozy and full of christmas cheer!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


this year i give thanks to much..

here are just a few in no particular order.

{my husband}
he is my best friend. i feel so grateful that i love his company above all. he is silly, and caring, and attentive and works so hard to provide everything for us.

of course i am grateful for her.
she is my first born, my guide into motherhood. she pushes my buttons more than any other human being to date. but i adore her. i love that she is willing to try anything. she is quick to learn, and quick to please. i am so thankful for her laugh, and her silly games. as mad as i can be she always makes me smile... hearing "soowwy mama" from her lips is nothing short of perfect. she makes everything exciting in our lives, and my heart cannot hold the amount of love i have for her.

she is my sweet spot. i cannot think of her without feeling that familiar pang in my heart. she loves to be loved. she will melt in your arms... and she loves me. she always wants me. she's unhappy when i leave a room, and cries if i happen to walk past without picking her up. she is loud, and silly, and so independent. but she knows what she wants and she goes for it. i am so grateful for her coy little grin, and her sweet baby noises. she is what made us a family for real. my dark haired cherub. i will never go a day without thanking the Lord for giving you to me.

{my parents}
i am so grateful for the home they always provide. there are six of us.. yet i know we all feel individually loved and secure. no matter what, i always know where i've come from. my parents, whether sick or well, rich or poor. they are always there. their love is constant and reassuring. and in my lowest moments i know they are there. i know they will love me. and because of that, i know i will be okay.
i am grateful for them. grateful for their never ending service. and grateful for their example.

i may complain, but i love our state.
i love the changing of the seasons. i often try to pin-point my favorite but as soon as i decide upon one, the sticky summer air grows a chill, the leaves begin to change, and the whole process starts itself over again. i will never grow old of seeing the world around me change. every season i enjoy more. every season my children grow more, i fall a bit more in love more with my husband, or i make it through that incredibly difficult time... worn down, but just a little bit stronger. i can map my life through the seasons.. and every time a new one arrives i can't help the excitement of what it may hold.

{the gospel}
i am grateful for my Lord, Jesus Christ.
i have never questioned His existence. i feel His love... His sacrifice.. always. i know He is my redeemer. i know that through Him, anything is possible.
i know this.
and i am grateful.
i am thankful everyday for the opportunity i have to live with my family, with Him again.

i love to eat.
bottom line.
i am so grateful for food.
i love the smells. i love the way it looks. i like to cook it, i like to watch it being cooked,
and i looove. to. eat. it.
my perfect date is centered around a scrumptious full course meal, that took a good amount of time to ingest. couple that with my hubby right along side me.. well...
let's just say it happens enough for me to feel VERY blessed.

{my sisters}
they are my best friends.
i talk to at least one of them everyday, and most normally all of them.
i am grateful for my unique relationship with each of them. i love when we get together and just laugh. i love that we know each other so well, that we can finish each others sentences. we know each others faults, and we accept them.. we laugh at them.. we love them.
i love being a mother with them. we are in the trenches together, and i couldn't do it without them.

yes. i love tv.
i am grateful for it.
i am grateful for it's company on those late nights i can't sleep.
grateful for the quick moment it allows me to shower each day by entertaining my children.
that hour each night before bed... i love it. it is one thing i can count on to help me unwind, forget, and escape for a moment.

what can i do?
just accept it i guess.

{my camera}
i love my camera. through it i have seen so much.
it has forced me to stop in those silly moments and hold them still forever.
i love looking at the photos it produces. so many of the times i don't even realize i am capturing what i have. i love that it allows me to see the people i love in a different way. it documents my feelings so much better than i could ever dream of explaining.
it has given me confidence... made me feel like i can make a difference. has given me a way to feel like i contribute. it gives me a creative release. it has helped me be strong when i couldn't... when families hearts are broken, it has helped me to give them something they won't ever be able to replace.

i have so much to be thankful for...
my cup runneth over.

i hope your day is a happy one,
and that you all get that lovely turkey day nap.

happy thanksgiving

Thursday, November 19, 2009

my chicken soup

{minie and her dancin' bad self}

we've been sick this week.
and by we, i mean me. but let's be honest...
when mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.
so really it might as well be all of us.
we've left the house once in the past four days, and the TV is now officially the 5th member of our family. Playhouse Disney has gotten us through many a rough hour.
thank you mickey mouse.
another new favorite past time for minie is watching herself on my phone. after seeing video after video of this darling first born,
i decided they were too cute to not share.
in my snarling, sniffling , hacking state these have made me smile.

i'm banking on this nastiness being gone by the weekend,

here's to hoping

{singing a little Taylor Swift}

please pay no mind to my barking in the background.
5 days straight of having no voice is not as fun as one would think.

Monday, November 16, 2009

minie and the princesses

isn't she delicious?
i know it's a bit of a faux pas admitting those feelings publicly about your own children...
but it's true. she is darling
yes... insanely frustrating a good hunk of the time
but really, really cute.

Grandma Ali, or Braamaa (as minie likes to call her) took me and mins for a girl's date out to the "princess show" friday afternoon.
i saw an add for the Disney's Princesses on Ice and told Alice about it. she immediately bought tickets and a big girl's afternoon out was planned. poppy had to take one for the team this year. her little one year old self just couldn't handle 2+ hours of sitting still.

obviously, minie was enchanted.
she sat the whole production through with excited outbursts of joy. she simply loves the princesses. specifically Belle. Alice bought her this dress a while back, and well... Belle is just the cats meow in this little lady's eyes. in minie lingo she is "Beeyell".. and it's quite adorable. anything fancy is belle-esque. nice jewelry, a dress, sparkly shoes. she despised having earrings changed in ears up until about 2 weeks ago when i told her they were special belle earrings. she'll wear anything if she thinks belle approves.. so yes, you can't imagine all the belle accessories that have suddenly popped up into our life... forget santa.. if she does something naughty belle wouldn't approve of... well she might as well put herself in time-out.
my smoosh..

braamaa promised her any gift she wanted from the shops that lined the halls. there were princesses galore. shoes, tiaras, wands, cups, shirts, dolls.. anything frilly, sparkly and girly. however, after a 2 second glance to the darkest forgotten corner of the display minie saw and KNEW what she had to have.
yes, mangy, ugly beast.
there was no deterring.
who is this girl?
as soon as he was placed in her arms, she snuggled, loved and twirled him circles. she asks for him first thing in the morning, and loves to remove his cape and inform us all that he is then the "naked beast!!!" appropriate?? probably not..

the girl is maybe a little crazy.

sadly my camera wasn't aloud past the security gates entering the arena.
something about professional cameras and Disney's copyrights...
the show was actually quite entertaining.
definitely better than the circus.
really, when does Disney ever do wrong?

needless to say, it was a glorious afternoon.
times like these make me relish in the fact that i have daughters.
minie has asked every day since to go back to the princess show.

thanks again Grandma

Thursday, November 12, 2009

celebrating our poppy love

i'm still a little shocked she's one.
we had her one year well child check today
and i promise you
it was just last week she was a tiny newborn going in for bilirubin tests.
on the up side of things she comes in perfectly average for all her measurements, and is a glowing, healthy, smooshy, busy busy 1 year old.
she's our right kind of perfect.

we enjoy her. i mean, really enjoy her.
if you can believe it i think deep down we are grasping at any babyhood that might be left in our small house,
and happily she is there to oblige all our needs.
sissy lou.. we love you.

i love throwing big birthday bashes. i just do.
they are lots of work, and yes i do realize the girls will probably never remember them.
but i like it.. and at the moment they seem to as well.

so.. yes. i'm done explaining myself to you all.

these pictures have no rhyme or reason. just my girl at her first birthday party...
oh my.

the prized gift.
conveniently minie has also acquired a whole new slew of toys.
it scares me a tad that at 1 and 2 they already scream {loudly} and scratch each other over who gets what when.

happy birthday poppy..
all over again.

xoxo my tiny stink