Monday, February 27, 2012

pregnancy post

it is 4:30 AM .
 my internal clock thinks it's a good time to be wide awake. my logical self knows this is just down right offensive. i know that much pain and impatience is only in my future, and well, i guess that's just how the cookie crumbles. 
i suppose it works really. this blog needed updating.. i needed to somehow publicly document i am actually pregnant with our third bean. our third bean, that is not so much like a bean anymore but a watermelon. a watermelon who prefers to reside so very low in my nether regions i have now started peeing (no... really) every time i sneeze, laugh too hard, or cough.  
did i also mention that this little watermelon is a GIRL??? 
that's right. our third girl in a row. 

this is a truth blog... and honestly when i got that news (waaay back in october mind you) i cried. just a little. at 15 weeks it was still early. but at 15 weeks i was already head over hills in love with the babe growing in me. but a third girl? really?
although i knew very intellectually this was an extremely likely scenario, i still was flummoxed.
i thought for sure we were having a son. i cried those very few tears for the mini-dustin i would never get
(hello... have you seen minie lately? that one is already covered), and a tear or two was shed for just the general lack of snips, and snails, and puppy dog tails.
it was all really tragic. i know.
how NOT fun is it going to be to raise sisters?
how NOT cute are baby girl clothes.... even the third time around?
how NOT sweet is it to watch a Daddy be completely whooped by his own little chickens?

i give you full permission to want to slap me for my moment of self and FALSE pity.
because really.. i now just am head over heels in love with this new baby girl growing so quickly in my very large and stretch marked belly. i can't wait to hold her in my arms. i simply CANNOT wait to see who she looks most like and i cannot wait to sit back and watch her big sisters experience this for this first time. believe you me. she is VERY wanted in this estrogen engulfed home. bring it on. we are ready jackson diva number 3. we literally cannot wait.

while on the topic of honesty....
pregnancy #3 has kicked my wide hip, child bearin', toosh. 
i am so freaking comatose 90% of the time. tired doesn't even begin to touch on it folks. 
however sleepy i may feel though,
this gestation is flying by.
i'm shocked that i only have 6 weeks left. say whaa?
i used to think i was a really good pregnant person.
barefoot and pregnant... that's me!

or maybe not.
so, so, so not.
i whine. my back kills, i look WWHUGE, my head hurts... and i walk like an old woman.
sexy, yes?
i'm sure dustin shares mutal feelings.
but what can one do? i am savoring this all. good, bad, and ugly.
being pregnant is the most amazing thing. 
 it really does make me quite awe struck... 
seeing this babe
swim around my swollen belly even if its for the third time, floors me. 
it's incredible.

so despite my complaints.. and despite my lack of documenting it.
i am pretty blissfully excited.

because yet again.

any name suggestions?
we're are stumped.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day




we've spent the morning eating chocolate and candy.
10:15 AM and we are already done with our sugar rush
and ready for a nap.

these children of mine are crazy indeed.
but are without a doubt my best valentine's.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

we had a party

well here we meet again. how convenient.
see that cute little tootse above? she was celebrated when she turned 3...three months ago. but it was photo documented and actually honored on her very day. she's too cute to do otherwise. plus, some of these have the last pictures of her before the dreaded shenanigan. so all in all this is a very happy post :) 

DSC_0009 copy what's a birthday without jammie present time and a breakfast spread dedicated just to you? 

why it's no birthday at all. 
*please note that i make a very delectable hot breakfast. however, cold sugar cereal always trumps me in the end. the nerve.

DSC_0153 and then it was time for the official throw down. 
hello kitty my little pet? 
why, yes please. 

these were cute, easy, and cheap to make. 
DSC_0154 copy table-scape. sandra lee would be so proud.


face painting capped the day just right. there were what seemed to be a million children, candle blowing, and even more present opening. but these were all i got. deal with it... :) but as always, our very own tootie ta is worth every birthday wish in the world and i personally could not adore her more. so far 3 has been good.