Thursday, February 22, 2007

!!! happy birthday dukie !!! our dula turned 1 today!! we know most of you are laughing at your computers thinking "who does this??", but we threw him an excellent birthday party! he had one of his best friends there (penne), but sorely missed his first friend, miss lucy. gourmet eukanuba was served for the occasion, and some of the gifts inculded his new "boe boe" chew toy, and (his most favorite) a gigantic pigs ear. penne is certainly green with envy and has been conspiring to steal the pigs ear all night.
we love our baby boy so much, and are so happy he is ours!! we hope he pulls the long hall like the late "tucker mouse"(rest in peace little guy), and we get at least 17 more years with our boy.

.the handsome birthday boy himself.

.the delicious birthday "cake".

. the guest of honor, miss penne baker.

.lovin' that eukanuba!.

.checking out the pigs ear.

. grandpa steve protects dukie from penne's devious treat snatching ways.

!!!the duke of earl turned 1!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

IT'S A.... GIRL!!!! And we really couldn't be more thirlled!!! It was such a suprise for both of us, that all day we just sort of walked around in shock. Boys are usually the norm in my family, and deep down that's really what I expected from my own womb. But a GIRL is really just the icing on the cake!
Grandma Ali and Grandpa Steve threw quite the Valentine/Gender party. All my family was invited, and it was a lot of fun to have everyone guessing what the sex was. Just for the record, the majority was BOY. We came up with a really fun idea to tell. We bought a little blue box that was in the shape of a bootie, and wrote "OH BOY!!" on it. On the inside was a little plastic baby
(yes it did have red hair), with a pink "IT'S A GIRL!!" ribbon tied around it. We gave one of these to my Mom, and Alice and of course the first reaction was "It's a boy!!". But then after opening, they got the real deal!
We really are over the moon happy with our news. Our little girl is sooo wanted! We do have to go back for a repeat u/s because our little missy was a little stubborn and ONLY wanted to show her privates. So forgive the slightly obscene photo above... it's the best one we got!

Friday, February 09, 2007

.grey's anatomy.

so it's out. we are full fledged grey's lovers. probably more me than dustin... but that's to be debated. the obsession started about this time last year when my sister robyn was always going on and on about this fabulous new series. so out of curiousity one lonesome saturday night, dust and i went out and rented the entire first season. it was pretty much love at first sight for me. we watched them all that weekend, and then starting tuning into season 2 (even though we were a few episodes behind). since then we pretty much live from week to week for it. the episodes are always joy rides for me, & never leave us disapointed, last night's being no exception. and yes, i do love mcdreamy!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

GrOwInG bRoOkE...
yes... it is scary.

12 weeks
13 weeks
17.5 weeks

Hmm... Once again, 3 months later I am indeed updating!! SO.. let's forget the excuses and just get on to the update:

Things have been pretty busy these past months (as you can see :) ), and they have been really quite fun as well. As I'm sure all of you now by now, Dust and I are expecting are first baby this summer. We are over joyed with excitment, and just feel so blessed to able to get a try at this parenthood thing. I am 18 weeks today, and you have no idea how much I wish there were a 3 in front of that 8 instead of a 1... I might even settle for a 2, but apparently things don't really time warp when wanted... It's a shame. No really, we need the time as we a preparing to move into our first home this spring, and all the other fun stuff having a baby entitles. We find out next week (ON VALENTINE'S mind you) our little bub's gender, and we are REALLY looking forward to that. Grandma Ali, and Grandpa Steve are convinced it's a girl, Dust thinks it's a boy, and well I'm really stuck between the two. There's a 50/50 chance either way, right??? Guess you will all have to remain on the edge of your seats till next week!
Other than that nothing is really new. Pregnancy has consumed me, so really I'm not too much fun to talk to these days unless your really into anything gestastionally related. I want to believe it's something all pregnant women go through, but Dustin is convinced I am the only one so neurotic, and so are some other siblings. Words such as "Hypochondriac" have been tossed around, and no I really do not appreciate the disrespect...ahem, Kennan.

Anyway, this wasn't meant to get so novelish. So the long story short is that we are increcibly happy at this point in our lives, and feel so blessed. I really am going to TRY and get better about this whole blogging thing, but in the mean time please enjoy these OH SOO HOT pregnancy pictures. And no, nothing is hotter than the pregnant body :).