Sunday, May 30, 2010


this is brig.

he is really,

really, REALLY

i mean really,


you can't steal him..

because this mama,

loves him too much.

i mean literally,
probably too much.

thanks brig for coming to stay with me for a minute.
i love you.
please come visit again.

Friday, May 28, 2010

when amazing meets perfect...

you get sweet baby finn.

andrea, i want to hold him.
right. this. second.

i love him, and i adore you.
it's a great combo.

xoxo baby boy!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


that is where we've been.
it has been over a month since we have spent 1 weekend at home, and reeAlly i am starting to feel the wear and tear. as is the blog.
i do apologize.

where to begin?
we might be moving to st. george.
i hate to announce this publicly,because really nothing is for sure... and i know dustin as you are reading this are cringing.. but what can i say? it feels like i am cheating on the blogging world by leaving this monumental, albeit somewhat personal event out of the loop.
so yes, we just returned from yet another visit down to dixie, and although i am excited about the change.. i would be lying to say i wasn't scared.
how are we going to sell this house?
how am i going to leave behind my friends, family, AND the gregory's?
can i handle the heat? literally?
will robyn and bob truly like us being there?
will i miss a "big city", yummy restaurants, and shops?
will i have friends?
will it be home?

ugh... it sort of gives me a knot in my stomach. a good one.. but a knot non the less.
to be realistic (which i'm never really great at) nothing is official. tomorrow everything could change. life may just go on as is, and i will probably will feel silly for even mentioning this.
but i can't help it. this secret must be let out.
i need the encouragement, the well wishing, and written documentation for a few years down when this happy predicament most definitely will repeat itself.
i just wish i could look into the future for just a second.
i've mentioned my anxiety before right??
tonight it's a doozy.
my oral surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning isn't helping any... but i still feel like the possible move is the main factor on this one.

this blog is boring.
i am even so tired of seeing my europe post, i throw up just a little every time a click on by.
in a desperate need to update i am here with not much forethought.
therefore, you get this...
a post that is a tad rambly, and extremely unorganized.
what can you do?
here a few pics from the last couple of weeks.
perhaps we should just stay home 7 days straight, and life will feel more in control??

who knows...

the happy couple.
we were waiting to get into the ReAL soccer game, and started taking posed "blog" pictures.
we were supposed to be looking chic.
dusting apparently missed the memo.
no.. we don't normally do this. i think after europe we were just used to whipping out the camera when all else failed.
i'm posting it because it's one of about 5 pictures we have of the two of us in the past 2 years.
we should be better about that.
plus, our hair matches exactly.
precious, really.

while in i had the complete honor of accompanying gwynnie to her first-ever ear piercing.
it's kind of a big deal.
AND she looks fab-u-lash with her new bling.
i adore her.

dustin is infamous for over-doing the bubbles at bath time.
i know i am officially a mom when it much more annoys me rather than bring joy to find the girls so blissfully entertained.
they l.o.v.e it.
me says every night of it grows old,
real quick.
but they did look especially cute this particular evening.
i think it was nannie's tub.

more ear piercing pics.
they were both equally tickled to have matching studs.

just my mins, being her adorable minie self.
i'm thinking about growing her bangs out.
what do you think?
this day i braided them back to give it a whirl.
i can't decide which i like better.
bang or no bang???
you tell me.

cute girls, in cute naartjie.
poppy is darling.
minie.. well,
she's had better moments.

and that's all for now.
stay tuned, because this last week i also had the opportunity to take some amazings of two scrumptious little babes both near and dear to my heart.
they are delicious.
trust me.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ready, set, go...

are you ready to be bored yet??
the following post is like 3 billion pictures of me prancing about Belgium and Holland.
and well, let's be honest... by about the 4th picture in you are going to have already clicked back to your home page.
plus.. don't count on any witty commentary.
i am far to jet-lagged up for such frivolities tonight.

so with out further ado..
our trip to Europe:

this was our most darling hotel in Brussels.
minus the twin bed issue, i lurved it.
each room had different hand painted pictures above the beds,
room service offered emergency medical in addition to dental care.
you never know.
just go ahead and wish your home town offered belgian chocolate covered strawberries on every corner.

unbeknownst to me, i paid 4 euro for this damn picture.
turns out, van gough is a con artist.
supposedly rubbing this saint was good luck.
yet again i fret... another con.

we hit the Netherlands just right and celebrated not one but TWO national holidays with them.
charming street performers could be found every 5 steps. these were some of my favorite.
i forget what church this was in.. we saw about a dozen.
but whoa.. i was mostly just creeped a bit by it all.
however, these paintings were incredible... and huge.
yet again,

this is Michelangelo's Madonna and the Child.
it was beautiful, and apparently one of the only few of his works located outside of Italy.

hubby posing in Bruges.
we loved Bruges.
alright... let's talk about it.
the biking situation in Holland is insane.
seriously.. every one, and i mean everyone rides a bike.
it is kind of incredible, and definitely a site to behold.
i for one adore it and have officially decided a bike for me will be purchased in the near future...
preferably one like this.
mmkay Dustin??
The Anne Frank house.
turns out i forgot that she actually was in Holland the whole time she was in hiding.
how pleasantly surprised i was to "remember" and was able to walk through.
it was really moving to walk through and see...
and even crazier to think it happened only 60 years ago.

holla back
uh oh...
scouts honor i have no recollection of taking this picture.
dustin promises he didn't snap it either.
naturally this lead us to the only conclusion of her family kidnapping my camera.
either way..
Thank You.

true blue Holland tulips.
Haarlem train station.
best meal. ever.
this was our last day in Amsterdam, and my favorite.
we rented bikes and rode all about the city, i dung my bell as often as i could, and tried to pretend it hasn't been 10+ years since i have ridden farther than a block on two wheels.

i've still got it.

and lastly,
a street in the red light district.
i also didn't realize that the "Red Light District" actually truly was because of the red lights.
i'm quick on the uptake like that .
i was expecting a lot more nasty..
let's just say i was in Vegas a month ago.. and it makes Amsterdam look like child's play.
perhaps it would be different at night though??
i don't know.

we are done.
it was an amazing 10 days. but i missed my girls to the moon.
i couldn't wait to get home to them. 10 days felt like 10 years. honestly.
they seem so much older, and cuter, AND much more needy for their mama.

i still cannot thank my family enough. MOSTLY my perfect mama for watching the girls and making this trip possible.
hopefully in a few days they will stop addressing me as nannie, and i will be able to sharpen up on my mothering skills. it's amazing how quickly those can fly out the window.

Dear Europe,
Stay beautiful, stylish, and charming until i can come back one day.