Thursday, September 09, 2010

school girl

DSC_0421 copy

it happened.
she went to school. we've been prepping for this day for weeks.. months even. all of her friends and cousins have already started. she asked every day when it was her turn to go to school. if she sees a school bus, it is coming for her to take right to school.

my girl. my school girl.
i expected sadness. my baby girl is going to school. how?
but mostly we are all just really excited.
plus.. she is still really tiny. so she still feels babyish.. just babyish and gone for 6 hours a week now... not so bad. :)
and let's also just be truthful and say getting her school wardrobe ready has been more than fabulous. why, oh why do i find so much joy in dressing my children? stay tuned for more.. i don't mean to toot my own horn.. but if we're being honest.. her new fall line is sort of amazing. she makes everything look cute.


so big.. didn't even bat a lash to be here.
and look at that little back pack on her hook. does it melt you? it sort of does me.


her class has some jungle theme going on.. so of course a safari complete with wardrobe had to happen. why not?
has preschool upped the anti since we've been there?
me thinks so.

DSC_0443 copy

isn't she stinkish??
she is absolutely tickled all sorts of pink to be a school girl. her class is perfect for her, and i love the alone time it grants me with my pop-tart.

all in all.. preschool is a success.

love you my poodles.
you do me proud.