Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MY family


finally i got around to getting a little bit of this done.
let me just preface this all by saying that i hate having my picture taken.
hate it.
however... becky did an incredible job and i have already mentally redecorated my house to fit all the prints. :)

ready or not...
jackson family
summer 10'










Thursday, August 19, 2010

puddle jumpers


i didn't want to let them do it..
i reeelllly encouraged them not to.
having four children under 3 isn't quite my forte. i thought my trip to McDonalds was brave... heroic even.
i warned them it would get cold.
i truly didn't want that mess..
minie listened and headed for the door.
gabi followed in obedience.
bella just held still. waited to see what her pal would do...
but poppy??
oh, poppy..
she dove in. head first.


sometimes you just have to relent.






i'm so glad i did.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

some things you should know..

this person is not a very great blogger. seriously... i got my bad blogger of the season certificate yesterday.
sincerest apologies..


no matter what, every newborn baby anything is impossibly scrumptious. why else would i be swooning over a week old baby calf today?. i even came home and told dustin about him. yes.. me. not the children.
he was cute. it's just a fact.


as big of an appeal of having a photo on a gigantic plastic cow may seem...
it's not really all that special. and mostly just frightening for the 5 and under crowd.
if only there was something similar... perhaps built more like a chair???


oh... but of course!
that's better.


minie + jude= love.
until there is another older/same sex cousin there to compete. in this scenario they aren't each other biggest fans. today's competitor for jude was gabi... a couple weeks ago it was gil against minie. what do you do?
force them to sit in a window and pose of course.


last, but most definitely not least...
if you thought a $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point was an original thought.
you were wrong.
next time i will pay full price and go on Wednesday.
4 is a party....4,000?
that's a crowd.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

feral child


that is what she is.
i'm not sure what this description depicts of my parenting,
but needless to say i have no handle on this one.
she is wild.
she is feral.





but we are ALL so enamored with her, it seems that it doesn't much matter. she says jump,
we say how high?
someday perhaps minie is going to mind? it's so funny how i parent each one of them so differently. how they respond differently. from the moment poppy entered this world i knew she was special. i was so in love with her, but so didn't understand her... the demanding cry... her persnickety eating habits. i can't explain it... poppy just is.
i have absolutely no question in my mind that she most definitely will always get her way. she gives me this sense that she truly isn't mine.. that she loves me, and wants me.. but she doesn't necessarily need me.
it's truly like she is borrowed. here on earth for a mission.
i marvel at how i am so lucky to have her. how i get to be the one she chooses love. and i guess there in lies her wickedness. and as frightening as it sounds.. i don't worry.
because i know that this is the only way her little 21 month old self knows how to handle it.. i know that one day she will figure it out, and live up to the phenomenon she is bound to be.

she is our tank,
our poptart,
our baby...
just because she wants to be.
and only because.

please always want me little one.
i love you.


i escaped the blogging realm for a bit it seems. what to say? we've been busy living with the cold that keeps on giving, family in town... and lots of photo shoot editing. *sigh*...

how is it already almost back to school? mins actually qualifys this year for such extravagance. we are both really excited:).

i do actually have some pictures to post, but blogger and flickr don't want to be friends right now, and blogger just kills my pics when i upload them.. so much so that i refuse to post until i have my troubles sorted out. mmkkay??

hopefully things get moving here soon.