Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ricky Jarvis

This is Minie and our true first born, Ricky Jarvis.
Shortly after Dustin and I were married Kennan had Jude, setting into motion my BABY HUNGER! Knowing full and well my want for a baby, Kennan and my Mom bought Ricky for me to ease my "appetite" (if you will...) for a time. Needless to say, it didn't exaclty work but wouldn't you all agree that if we were to have a boy, he would look just like our Ricky?

Come on... you know they kind of look alike!

She was NOT happy by the end of this little shoot...

ready...set... SMILE!!!

I finally sort of caught it on camera!! This smile melts our world... :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

raspberry shortcake...

i know you are all aware of my mild obsession with babies and bubble suits. finally this little puppy fits her, and i swear i must have called 10 different people just to tell them all how incredibly cute mins looked in it today! my mom saw her and said she looked just like a little, round raspberry... and yes she did! sadly she pooped on it half way through the day.. oh well, it was insanely adorable while it lasted :)

The Thunder from down UNDER!

Aren't these rolls just yummy?? I probably spend about 68% of the day munching on these delicacies! I love my little round bundle!

Just playin' around...

Minie moo is really starting to show some personality and has even graced us with her smile!! However, it is near to impossible to catch that glorious gesture on camera. I spent over an hour pre-bath time this morning trying to get it to no avail...but it wasn't a complete loss because I got these cute ones trying. I also must add that she finally decided she liked her blinged out Munchkin bink as well!!! This is a week of many great milestones :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

A Sunday Stroll

Yesterday after dinner us Jackson's all decided to head out for a little stroll. I love Sunday afternoon walks, and yesterady was the perfect day for one! Ben and Minie ceritanly loved the wind in their hair, and I think maybe we will have to take walks every Sunday we are at Grandma and Grandpa's!


We all had a gay ole' time at the aquarium before Miranda and Asher went home. Can I just tell you that I L O V E aquariums? I really do.. something about sea creatures just makes me happy! And really what's better than seeing them close up, in tanks (love them.. don't really want to swim with them however..) with mystical music playing in the background?? Nothing. I think everyone loved it, Minie included!


For the past 2 weeks my Mom had Miranda and Asher in town. It was fun to finally see our California babies and great to see all of the cousins together! Tucker and Abe came up for the last few days and I love those boys so much. It feels like just yesterday they were all literally just babies... now they are the "big kids" around the family, and they really are great older cousins. When did our family grow up?? How do I now have a child of my own?? And HOW does that all seem normal? Who knows... Time flys.
Cute, sweet heart Tuck
Asher and Abey Baby

Abe squishing his cousin Minie.
Abe loves babies. I had to laugh because as soon as Abe walked in the door he came right over to Minie's car seat and asked "Can I PLEASE hold her?" I of course let him, and he just cuddled her for a good 5 minutes. What 6 year old BOY does that? I love Abeyham!
Beautiful Mira

Her royal chubbiness

Jude is always so sweet and shares his tractors with Minie. If you know Jude, you know truly how sweet and nice that is. Cute boy.. He and "Mimee" and best friends!

Target anyone?

This post is nothing special but just really a day in the life for me and K.
If we have nothing to do this is usually where we both end up. Who doesn't love Target? Seriously.. it just makes me happy. Robyn told me she never feels normal after she has a baby until she has made a Targ run. I really couldn't agree with her more!
This particular day Jude found some Dora stickers left in his cart. He of course insisted on us all having some, and well this is where it led us... I love Target :)


Isn't she?