Saturday, May 21, 2011

so the world didn't end after all.

instead we spent our doomsday roasting marshmallows
under a beautiful Bear Lake landscape.




what a relief.

i'd like to hang around just a little bit longer.

Monday, May 09, 2011

for sale (maybe)


a little bit i'm serious.
she may be the death of me.
what, with her sneaking out in only a diaper and rain boots in the 40 degree weather. bringing the barking dogs along side her...
and her 35 minute tantrums in the grocery store.
or her gigantic juice spill in my bed.
or the countless messy diapers she removes herself and hides in various nooks and corners of the house.
she likes to pour any and all drink over the dogs.. sometimes children smaller than her as well.
another favorite is coloring on the couch,
OR climbing up on her changing table and ripping her shelf and all of its contents off the wall.

for mother's day my Mom gifted me a gratitude journal with the encouragement of writing in it daily of one thing i am grateful for. hmm... i know that list is long. but somehow all that sticks out right now are this crazy girl's antics.

as of today... my personal favorite?


meet my new iphone 4.
she's only 8 weeks old.
poor little lass.
thank you poppy.

despite the fight to nap or sleep ever... or the bickering, and the ALL DAY stubbornness.
i love you.
i truly, honestly do.
you are sometimes quite the naughty pet.

but i suppose i wouldn't have you any other way.