Saturday, March 14, 2009

We had Poppy's 4 month check up Friday

and as it were,
the missus is perfect 
at 4 months Miss Louise,
Weighs in at : 14lbs 1oz (50%)
Lengthens herself at: 24.5 inches (75%)

so please excuse my  (not so) little hush puppy.

After a little waiting,

and mauling,

we were finally able to see this guy.

As if this picture doesn't say it all,
let me reiterate how awesome our pediatrician is.
For shiz, Dr. Cramer is the ultimate best. 
He never rushes, is genuinely interested in my babes, 
AND me, 
and always leaves me outwardly chuckling.
This particular visit he told me I should be extremely proud of my ovaries...


who wouldn't love this guy?

so far so good with our youngest smoosh here.

Have I mentioned that we 
L. O. V. E

because we do.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, well, well....
23 has proven to be grand so far. 
Really, I'm not sure I have had such a great birthday in a long, long time. It felt like I was a kid again and quite frankly,
 I was spoilt rotten :)
It started Tuesday night when Dust took on a mini spree 
and then out for yummy fondue afterwards.
 the truest cat's meow of this all was the knowledge that Minie and Pops were sound asleep under Nannie and Grandpa's care. 
A definite perk of living so close to "home"

On my actual Birthday my Mom, the girls, and I had a fun lunch out, 
and then headed to my parent's house for dinner with the fam.
and this folks, is where my adoring husband truly out did himself,
 and surprised me with wonderful 


I have been is sheer bliss playing with my new little beaut... 
she's gorge.

So really,

what more can I say?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


i get to do a little bit of this...

to a whopping 23 of em'

Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Solid Effort

Poppy tried this:
for the first time last night.

and No complaints here.
obviously :)
This girl is such an eater. She took to cereal like she and it were always meant to be. When we started Minie on solids it was a bit of a battle to get her to actually eat what was put to her lips....
But Miss Grumbalina gobbled it all up on her first attempt, and I love her all the more for it :)
I want those delcious chubby cheeks to stay as long as possible..
I love you baby girl...
every chubb,
and every last eddible roll!
congratulations on making a very big step.
you are growing up my sweet smoosh!
I'll never ever grow out of love for you

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What to do, to do...

With my crazy?
All she wanted, all day was to go "owe siidde". Don't mind the 30 mph wind, and no yard to go out to... it's where Miss Poodles HAD to be.
After marring her sister several times, coupled with a brief drag across the carpet, she then proceeded to also umplug the computer, while I was proofing several photos.. And then I lost my lid.
I mean it when I inform you that she was minutes away from being sold to the gypsies.
This girl has soo much energy. We recently just dropped her morning nap, and oh how it is missed! I've been mourning the immense loss of my two hours, and we now have Minie's path of toddler carnage to show for it.
It's moments like today, when I blew a gasket and yelled probably just a little too loudly, that I am sad I have two babies so very close. I can't help but ignore that if I wouldn't have a darling 4 month old in my arms, Minie and I could infact stay "owe siidde" all day.. There would be no baby for her to harm, and I wouldn't be so tired at night that I might actually have time to work on photos when she wasn't awake. I hate it when I lose my patience with her. She loves me so unreasonably so, that I hate it when I can see I have hurt her.
Because really,
She is nothing but joy..
She is all things wonderful wrapped up into one silly strawberry shortcake baby girl.
Miss Mins. I am so sorry for shouting...
Please forgive me my baby...
I will never ever grow out of love for you.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Procrastination is my name...

i hate having a time line. for anything.
editing photos, play dates, date dates, church, blogging, reading, errand running, going to bed, waking up, laundry washing, laundry folding, laundry in general... life in general.
you get the idea...
at the risk of sounding hidouesly unorganized, i am going to admitt that i hate feeling like i am on any type of schedule.
seriously, it doesn't matter what the limit is, what wonderous layed out plans i might have, or who is giving the orders... i will drag it out to the distasteful bitter, bitter end. the problem
(besides the obvious problem itself) is that i am extremely aware of my ailment. i forsee my self inflicted grief and gnashing of teeth in the near distance, yet somehow i can't change my procrastinating ways. what do i do? i've come to realize that some how i operate and accomplish things in a very backward odrer. FOR EXAMPLE: in order to avoid editing photos, i blog... in order to avoid posting on the blog, i edit photos. i wash laundry to dodge unloading the dishwasher, and vice versa... the list goes on and on. this whole shinanigan has me feeling a bit down lately. i just feel like my life has too much darn nothing going on, and all that "nothing" has me so crazy busy i can't get a real hold of it all. like i am reaching so hard for my own life, that i am missing the mark completely.
is this making sense?? maybe not... but as i said, some how it all gets done.
either way, it's exhausting.

i probably need some type of therapy. most likley.

HOWEVER, in order to save some dignity i have to say that the girls do remain on a nice schedule with naps, and stories, and baths, and even the occasional meal.
see.. so i definately have some redeaming qualities. i even cloth diapered minie for about 3 months.. that was interersting, and NOBLE.
just some thoughts...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

poppy post

oh my darling baby girl...
how are you already 3 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days old?
once again life if screaming by, and you my baby are growing up with it. little smoosh, you make my world. you can coo with the best of them. already you have a darling sense of humor. you only laugh with your belly, and find silliness all around. your drooly grin always stops me in my tracks... you even make that look beautiful, sweet girl.
i love it when you stare at me so intently, following my every move with your almond eyes. it's like your memorizing me, and when i catch your eye you errupt into grins.
you hate being alone. you always want to be in the thick of it all. even though your sister loves on you more than is necessary, you just want to be by her. you tolerate her pokes and bangs, and even kick in delight when she enters the room. you love to eat your hands, and snuggle up to a soft feelie. you are a persnickety eater and need my 100% attention while you eat. i love nursing you though... you are so warm, and so soft, and never take your eyes off me. i feel your love my sweet babe... and i love you so much.
you love bath time. you kick, and kick, and kick until you are nearly out of breath. you never cry when i dry you off, and i adore cuddling that sweet bundle you are in the damp towel.
we are all so enamored by you. your sister can't take her hands off of you, and crys when i won't let her hold you.. she is always sneaking wet, messy kisses.
you are meant to be with us. you make us feel complete and so content.
miss louise.... thank you for being ours.
every day

we love you

more and more...
never, ever leave us