Friday, August 29, 2008


well this post is really of no report...
i am just tired of clicking to my blog and seeing the same thing.
we returned home from vacation saturday night and have pretty much been in recovery mode since. dustin started school this week, and all of the sudden i feel like a single mother.
i hate school.
every day i look forward to the 5:00 hour for dust to come home and for family time begin. by family time of course, i mean daddy/minie time and mommy/zone-out time...what? big deal.
he really is a gigantic help with EVERTHING, and the past few days he has been sorely missed. minie can be caught pretty much anytime of day banging and peering out the window yelling "daddy!". cute girl.... it's endearing and immensley depressing all at once. come novemeber he will have 3 girls missing and staring out the window for him..
let's see...
another little gem of an event, is this past weeks trip to labor and delivery.
that's how i feel about it.
tuesday afternoon around 4:00 i started having really painful contractions...very reminescent of early labor with minie. they weren't consistent, and stopped after about 2 hours. i tried to shrug it off, but after i continued to get them off and on for over 12 hours i finally caved and called L&D.. they of course insisted i come in with me being over 10 weeks early, and the on call doc to my OB advised me to be checked out as well. after a night long of pain and serious lack of sleep i reluctantly followed the medical professionals advice and went in. OF COURSE the moment i got there any and all contractions ceased, and not a one showed up on the monitor the entire 3+ hours i was being evaluated. i sheepishly was discharged with instructions to take it easy, eat healthier, and drink more water.
so glad i went to the hospital for that sound advice...
no, honestly it probably was for the best went in... if anything i got a nice 3 hour nap to the calming ho hum of machines, and thump-thump of sissy girls heart beat. i'm just really trying to forget the sobbing breakdown that also occured upon arrival when seeing my doctor in the actual L&D unit and his kind inquirment of why i was there. boy, did he get more than he bargained for with that simple (if not abesent-minded) question.
needless to say i wasn't ready to be back in there again... still not.
not yet.
so we've just been on the down and out the past couple of days, and more than anything this coolish weather is keeping my sanity. i love how the wind is blowing and how you can feel fall in the air... i'm ready.
that's really all.
as i told you, nothing to extroirdinare, but it's our life right now.
to make this post worth it,
here is the darling crazy woman we happily call ours.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boston / Martha's Vineyard

well, the jacksons are offcially off on our annual summer family vacation.
most of you know i don't sleep at night anyway, so here i am just blogging away, keeping you all updated on the happenings of our week.

{Martha's Vineyard}

so far it has been a blast. we arrived into Boston saturday afternoon, spent two days there, and now just arrived to Martha's Vineyard today.
it is GORGEOUS here, and we are more than thrilled to continue to enjoy ourselves on the island for another 3 days.
you can be a little bit jealous.... that's alright :)
so until next time,

Friday, August 15, 2008

if only, if only...

minie looked a little more like dustin
seriously.. i nearly peed my pants when i camse across this 1982 version of my daughter peering up at me the other day.
minus the intense red, bad cut and sweat suit, it's her 100%.
maybe i will gentically contribute to the one inside of me this time around.
it doesn't seem hopeful.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Up the canyon

These pictures are a little out of date, as are about half of my summer family shots.
I know, I know.... you are all lamenting the fact you are now brutally aware of missing out on that much more of my life, but you'll just have to cope... :)

Dinner up the canyon ranks right up there with my top favorite summer activities, and this year we have had several dining experiences in the great outdoors. Probably one of the reasons I love it so much is because it's pratically zero effort on my part... it's a whole other story for my mom though. She usually prepares all day, hauls all of the goods, and cooks all the food. It definately doesn't go unnoticed, and after re-reading this, I should probably actually try and help her out more...

Sorry Mom....

Hmm... Kennan and I have the same hair these days, and it sort of presents itself as a problem. It's gotten to the point of embarassment as we both wear name necklaces, similar clothing, and hang out with eachother 90% of the time.
Neither of us at this point is willing to change it though, because I claim being blonde first, and she claims being short. So in the mean time everyone just comments on us "looking like twins". Who woulda thunk??
However, I do know I could never look this great in a picture... he, he...
And sweet Gretsel... I do love her, and no, I really could never look this cute.
So there you go...
one more tid-bit of my life I know y'all were dying to know about.
I'm sure more excitement is to come!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

diaper butts...

drive me nuts.


and so does she.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Just a few...

for Michelle.

I hope you love them