Thursday, July 31, 2008

it's late...

why am i up uploading pics from my camera and working on them at this hour?
it's beyond me,
but i do adore these little lovelys.
my fam = my fav

Sunday, July 27, 2008

our long weekend

we just returned home from a very lovely extended weekend.. because, yes.. i needed yet another one :).
no, in all reality dustin and i wanted to have some much needed family time, and the state holiday provided the perfect excuse for us.

thursday, we spent the afternoon at the zoo. i think minsie did actually enjoy it, as she is all of the sudden really into animals of all species... with the slight exception of the "ghost of the bayou" which just down right frightens her. but other than that, she is pracitcally Bindi The Jungle Girl :)

so, the zoo lived up to our some what lowely expectations of itself.

no one knows why it is always about 10 degrees warmer there than anywhere else in the valley, or what those poor, wretched animals do all day???

regardless we still kind of love it, and i am glad we went.

after the zoo we headed up to Park City.
dustin's parents rented out a condo in deer valley, and they were kind enough to let us tag along with them on their extended weekend.

it was so nice to be up there relaxing. park city truly is so beautiful, and such a perfect place to go and unwind. however, the pictures being posted here are somewhat deceveing. don't let that sweet, angelic face fool you. minie would NOT sleep the entire weekend trip, and was a crab the whole time... sadly (note the immense sacasm here), those moments weren't caught on film.

however, these sleeping ones were, and honeslty how sweet are they?? she may be a crazy, grumpy, screaming, hitting, no-no, 1 year old, but gosh darnnit, when she closes those eyes she is so beautiful.

i mean look at that sweet little tucked-toe......

i do just love her... despite all her craziness.

our weekend was wonderful... as i hope all of yours was too.

yes, and if minie is up again at 5:45 am this morning, she will officially be up for some type of auction. let us know...

thank you steve and alice again... it was lovely!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

laaadies.. yeah!

well, we just returned for our girls trip to San Fran. there is no detail needed for me to delve into because all that happened on this trip was shopping.
people, let's just all be honest and say that some serious money was spent.
it was so fun to hang with my sisters and mom, and fo sho this is turning into an annual event..
i love you sisters!
i'm in depression it is already over :(

also, my pictures are all on the same day, and are on the edge of intenesly boring...
who has time for photoging while out shopping with sisters?
if some one answered "i do" to that, they need to get a life, or at least one fun sister.

gretsel was that only baby invited, and honestly there has never been a better baby.

miss. san ramone herself.
she is so glam.



it was sad because she had to leave a day early. she acts life having 4 kids is a big deal or something?

.... and yours truly 23 weeks preggo. i know... so hot.

and of course what is a post with out miss mins? here she is modeling her new coat, bed head and jammies. mmmm...i love her.

dustin was so great to take two days off work so i could go, and he even did her hair. he gets an A+. i LOVE him... thanks hubby.

so that's it for my weekend... i think i am the only one who even brought a camera, so this is it for the girls trip.

oh well.. we will all look really cute for the next 3 months.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

just life..

things have been so busy lately.
nothing too out of control, just busy...
just life i suppose.
it was rainy today, i was cooking dinner in a crock-pot, and the wind was rattling the front door like it almost constanty does from the months of october to april. for the slightest moment i looked outside and it felt like fall... like the cold. i smiled, because to me nothing is more comforting. cozy house, warm dinner, and stormy weather. however, the moment was fleeting and within minutes i was in a panic... cold will be here soon, and with it, our new daughter.
where is time going?? i often completley forget i am even pregnant, and moments like today scare me to no end.
it's not that i don't know the baby is coming, or not even that i am ready for her (which i'm not). i guess i just hate feeling like i am missing out on my own life. it is all the sudden on fast forward.. weeks seem like minutes, and time is all some how shorter, smaller, quicker.
perhaps this is what spurred the photo above.
i love it.
it is just life... just my minie. and i will remember today.
the day i rushed. the day dustin was still annoyingly sick. the day minie cut her gum on her sippie, resulting in a suprising ammount of blood, naturally resulting in her second bath of the day.
and the day she still would give me this after all that.
i love how she is so well-natured.
i love how she looks just like her daddy.
i love how she loves mommy.
i love her.
just for this moment time was stopped.
i love that.

Monday, July 14, 2008

for robyn

because he is nothing short of amazing...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

oh little gandbabies...

let's all just heave a gigantic **SIGH**.
after spending the entire evening trying to get 12 babies to cooperate and hold still, these are the best results. all the pics have an over all blurriness to them ,with heads, limbs, and even entire babies missing at times.
but really......
i think we farred out pretty well considering.... :)
cute grandboys...

and even cuter grandgirls...

the whole brood.... caught blurred.

what can i do?? had you been there you would understand...

and last, but certainly not least,
the people responsible for such adorable mayhem.
(dad, you can thank me later for the quick teeth whitening...)
i got your back :)
what do you all say??
again tomorrow night too??
i know dad and trev are game.
enjoy :)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July

This post is going to be a photo over load because I have a major issue with putting my camera away...
none the less, the 4th was a whirl wind blast of activites, and yes you all get to join in on our festivites. Count yourselves blessed.

We started out the day at the ripe hour of 5 am.

It has been tradition on my side to go to the hot air balloons every year, and even though it's painful to wake up so early on a holiday, it is something I love to do. All of my siblings (even the out of towners) come to attened the occasion, and rarely is one of us not there. My parents drug us there year after yer, and I suppose it just stuck.. we are now all fully committed 4th of July ballooners.

So there ya have it.

After the balloons we all usually head back to my parents for their neighborhood parade. This parade is one to be reckoned with. Between the menopausal drill team, and children on crepe paper draped bicycles, you have a true winner.
Sere... you might want to make it a priority next year to attend.
just consider it.

Miranda and Asher are my brother's kids... they are our california babies, and we don't see them enough. Miranda is Minie's peronal babysitter, and Minsie couldn't love her more... I couldn't either :)

Ash was just too tired after the early morning, and then some how didn't manage a single nap all day. The results were a little brutal...
*personal note: this child needs sleep.

We then carried on the fesitivities to the Jackson's for a bar-b-que and fireworks. Dinner was yum, and Minie has never been more afraid than she was during the firework display... somehow we still kept lighting them off..

So, are you all tired yet?
as you can see,
so were we.
Happy 4th!

Friday, July 04, 2008

birthday girl

my sweey pea's day was truly wonderful.
she had a extrodinaire birthday bash, and i'm pretty sure she has never partaken of more sugar... infact i'm pretty sure very few have.
oh well... you are only 1 once.

we started out the day with presents and a birthday breakfast at home with mommy and daddy... a quick photo shoot too of course.

after breakfast and a nap, we headed down to nannie's for the party.

this picture is featured here for no other reason than to document her damn cake. i ordered this for her a few days in advance and in a flustered, senseless moment forgot to ask the final price on such extravagance. long story short, $100, and an intense argument with dustin and the bakery later, we ended up with this very expensive, and very non-refundable pastry.

**SIGH**... nothing but the best for miss mins

(note: it was immensely tasty however...)

despite the curve ball of the gold plated cake, her party was a smash.
the whole fam was in town to join in on the festivities, and really, minie just enjoyed her afternoon.

i love this girl to pieces... a million times over again.
happy birthday moodles :)