Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i said what?

you all make me feel like a hundred bucks.. truly.

thank you, thank you for all of the comments. i have read every single one of them.. maybe several times over, and have visited all of your gorgeous blogs.
 several. times. over.
 the iphone makes it too convenient.. 
stop judging.

and on another note..

i hate word verification. 
who can read this foreign language?
it might as well be written in webding as far as i am concerned...

needless to say i am challenged, and it takes me much longer than the average human to comment on your blog. 

thank you all again for the kind comments.. i LOVE THEM... and the giveaway goes till the end of the week. so if you haven't commented on that post yet.. do it. 
double dog dare you.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

THE my blog is lonely GIVEAWAY


the subject pretty much says it all.

i feel a bit lame confessing this, but...
what is up peeps? 

my blog is a ghost town these days (with the exception of my mom... thank you mom) and it has me feeling a bit sheepish.

why have we broken up my loyal readers?

i lurve it when i get comments on a post because it makes me feel that i am 
kind of KEWL. and well yes,
i am a little vain like that. 
and also, i like you people. AND because when i get a comment, i blurk your blog, resulting in countless minutes (fine...hours) of wasted time that i so desperately need each day.


to lure you in,

i am testing out an oliverminie j. giveaway!
hip hip hoorYAY for free pictures!

all you gots to do is leave a comment on this post.. if you win the giveaway you will be rewarded a free 30 minute Mini-Session (up to two peeps) with yours truly.
 a copyrighted, high-res disc will be included of 5-10 processed photos.

so comment away my babies!

i will pick a WINNER by Friday (Miss Poodles birthday) 
and then all can be happy in the world.



comment away...


Thursday, June 25, 2009

what to do?

about this girl almost being 2??


i really wanted to wait till her birthday to post these...
but alas,
 i couldn't wait,
so here is a little snack.

stay hungry for more


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For Angela....

she and her hubby sure do make cute babies.

wouldn't you agree??

Happy first Birthday baby Everest!!
to see more of his royal cutness click here.

I hope you love them ging...
thank you for being so patient. 
I hope it was worth it.

my rush is finally over
Welcome back me

Sunday, June 21, 2009

TO: the man of the house....

my man,
their Dad,

OUR love

happiest Father's Day my hub,

we don't ever want to live a moment with out you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

reason # 587 i love having girls

you get to sew them darling little froo froos such as these..

i had to blog this..
just had to.

you see, brooke doesn't craft,
and brooke definitely doesn't sew.
 i kid not when i tell you that one week ago i didn't even know how to sew on a button. 
in fact, i'm pretty sure Mrs. Jensen gave me a major (yes, major) D+ in the 7th grade for my immense lack of skill in her sewing class.

in the past 2 weeks i have 
purchased a sewing machine, 
made about 2 billion trips to the fabric store, 
have used the word "notions" in more than 10 sentences,
and have produced 5 darling (if i do say so myself) outfits.

how do you like them apples mrs. jensen?
look at me now.

needless to say i'm addicted. 
this whole sewing business is actually fun, and i love seeing my girls in clothes that i actually made. 
it's weird, 
yet oh so satisfying.

and on another note...

can you handle her??

love you girls..

to the moon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

busy, busy. busy....

i am officially put in time out.

i bit off WAY more than i can chew,
and this week i am paying the price.

so, please excuse this blogs boringness, 
but you see,
we are in a no personal blogging zone
 until i get caught up with my oliverminie j. life.

i do hope you understand...

in the mean time,
 check out more of this darling girl

i'll be back!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

There is such a thing..

as a beach in Utah.

The fabulous Daybreak (where of which we all wish we lived) has the awesomest park there is. Complete with biking trails, fishing, swimming, canoeing, play-grounding, and a built in sandy beach, she makes for one mighty fine afternoon
and really,
 what more could one ask for?

This is getting good.
(you are welcome Cameron)

for real though...
Daybreak is where it's at, and I am probably moving in tomorrow..

or at least spending some QT there these coming months.
If you are in the Salt Lake area,
do yourself a favor
and don't pass up checking it out.


 don't be hatin' because you don't have the bikini-ready body Minie rocks.
Those curves are hard to come by.

The brazilian princess...
miss Gabriella Raven

Hey girl!

first off Kenna took this pic of me and the Poptart...
mad props to her... look at her working that angle!
I love this pic..

and I love Utah beach days.

who woulda thunk it?

Monday, June 01, 2009

my crazy

have you met her?

if not 
you probably should.

here are some things i want to remember about her right now, today:

-she loves barbie. 
barbie can convince her to do anything. 
paint her toe nails, take one more bite of food, wear that uncomfy dress....
you get the idea... thank you barbie :)
-much to my chagrin, she still loves her bottle and her "B"
-she adores her sister. her latest phrase is "ohh! poppy you cute. you cute poppy. ohh!"
as previously mentioned, that darn B can't be detached from her. HOWEVER, today in the car poppy was screaming and i couldn't find her own bink anywhere. both girls were tired, and both wanted to suck their sorrows away.  i half-jokingly muttered under my breath, "Minie.. can't poppy just have your binks?" and not two seconds later she had it out of her mouth, handed it to me as said, "for poppy mama.. B for poppy". 
i fell just a little more in love with her. :)
-she loves wearing bows, jewelry, and shoes.
 if the bow is missing, she will kindly inform me and will march right to her room to find one. we go through about 5 different pair of shoes a day and it is the sorrow of her heart that this fabulous jeweled pair doesn't fit her yet. day after day she attempts to fit her golden lilies into those size 5's, and day after day they are still years too big. oh baby girl.. your feet will grow. one day.
-somehow Sleeping Beauty is the only princess disney DVD we own. i know.. most boring, but she loves it.
whenever she wears a dress or sees a disney princess anything, she starts twirling around and sings over and over  "I knooow, I knoow..." (her version of "Walked with you once upon a dream"). she also enjoys singing a little Taylor Swift (who doesn't?), and will belt it loud at random intervals
 it's almost too much too handle.
-when we are out for a target run, or any shopping run for that matter, she will find some type of clothing item, grab it and hold it up to me saying "ohh!! cute, mama! cute!"
- she loves me the best, but still calls me daddy. she knows i am mama, can say mama clear as a bell, yet still addresses me as daddy. 
 i answer to it.
-she is the red tornado. she will destroy anything in her path, and she will somehow do it the most disgusting way possible. i.e. smearing egg yolk up the wall while tearing through the book case... all with a poopy diaper.
-she is the life of our family
-she is the most darling smoosh in the world.