Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We spent our memorial day weekend down in St. George and truly had a wonderful time.
We left Friday afternoon with Kennan and Trevan and came home Monday night. It was maybe too short, but I had so much fun being there with my sisters. We laughed a lot, had a crazy house FULL of kids, and ate delicious food (Bob, we are still dreaming about that carne asada..mmmm). Now how does that not sound great?
Thank you Rob & Bob for the fabulous weekend!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

nothing really...

this post really has no sepcific purpose... i'm just feeling a bit nostalgic i guess.
we are getting ready to head up to st george tomorrow, and instead of doing laundry and getting organized like i should i am just browsing on the computer. i started going through some of our pictures and my pregnant butt has now been crying for the past half hour...
how is my baby girl almost a year old???? how, how, how?!?!
none of these pictures are anything great photography wise, but oh my gosh they are so precious to me. when did she get so old??? and how was she always so round??? :)
oh, my minsie girl... i just love you so much!!

i don't think i have ever wanted anything more in my life than my daughter. she was so anctipated, soo wanted, and is, was, and forever will be SOO loved. she is just my girl.

i look at all of these pictures, and i just literally cannot fathom my life without her. really, what did i do before her?? how could i have ever lived without that chubby little face?? all i know is that i can't ever live without it.

i love you minie.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Oops, we did it again....

Yes it is true.
We are pregnant again.
This baby is due mid-November, according to google is supposed to be looking something like the photo above, and will be about 17 months younger than Minie.
Now that I am into my 14th week, we are finally allowing ourselves to get a little bit excited, and also brave enough to let people in on the seceret.. Oh, and the fact that already I am starting to sport quite the baby bump.
I guess that's the 5th pregnancy working it's magic (yes, you read right...5th!)
So there ya have it... our big suprise.
Or maybe not so much?? Like I said, I am already starting to show, and almost more than any reason I am announcing this publically is that very fact... please don't think I am just uncontrollably packing it on... I am nearly 4 months pregnant!!!!
So leaving you all with that, all I have to say is to wish us luck...
with my track record we really need it :)

Monday, May 12, 2008


Well, we just got home last night from Tampa.
Dustin had a conference for work, and once again I got to tag along... this time with Mins in tow!
It was a really fun get-away, and I love, love, loved having Minie there with us. It is so much fun to introduce new things to her and to watch her discover her different surroundings. I honestly could not be happier seeing her intrigued with every bit of her life.
I love being a mom.
Although Dustin was away most of our trip, he did have a couple nights/days free so we made the most of it. His first night free we headed to Busch Gardens.

Here Minie is enjoying her first ever taste of cotton candy.. obviously she was a huge fan.

Busch Gardens has an awsome safari like zoo that we pretty much hung around the whole time... yes, a good time was had by all.

Heeey girl!!!!

Dustin's other day off we headed out to the beach. I absolutely love the beach and knew we could not leave Tampa without going. Minie on the other hand was not the biggest fan...

The waves scared her, and she being quite the water baby she is , suprised us both with her immense hatred towards the ocean water... go figure?

However, she and the sand got along fameously..
infact she didn't need to eat for two days following our beach outing. No, no the amount of sand she consumed was enough for her.
It was a great trip, but as always it is nice to be home :)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Woman of the cloth

Well we made the transition.. And for all you critics out there, I LOVE it.
Seriosously cloth diapering really, truly, honestly is not a big deal. The only difference between disposable and cloth is I have to run a load of wash every day.
These new cloth diapers are soo easy, and come on, soo adorable!

Look at that thigh... how can it even be that chubby?

I would recommend switching from disposable to cloth to anyone.

Sure, initially it can get a little pricey (I paid about $100 for 6 diapers). However, paying the price for the nicer All In One diapers makes a huge difference (really it's just like a disposable. No rinsing, soaking, or scraping needed at all.. just plop the poop in the toilet and throw it in the diaper pail for washing) and I really can get by with the 6 diapers in a day. We still use the occasionally disposable, usually over night because they absorb more/longer, but mostly Mins is all cloth. We've been doing it for about 5 days now, and I really don't see us stopping. My goal is to buy a couple more every few weeks, and hopefully gain a big enough supply that my wash turns to every few days, rather than every day.

Hurray for cloth!!

*Just in case you are wondering, the diaper she is wearing is a "Happy Heiny" pocket diaper and can befound at I have 3 Happy Heiny pocket diapers, and 3 All In One diapers for bumGenius (