Saturday, May 30, 2009

something new....

{for you. }

we shot this tuesday night.
it was spur of the moment and a bit unorganized....


dust was grumpy and not too happy about this whole shenanigan.

he'll come around.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Bear Lake

Memorial Day marked the opening of our beloved Witt's End.

the weekend mostly consisted of
four wheel rides, barbecues, doodles, movies, rice krispy treats, 
and bear lake comfys.

what is not to love?

everything was so green a beautiful

this one not excluded :)

why are these weeds? 

and now we just need this man...

to come home.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mama called the doctor

little sister had yet ANOTHER doctor's appointment last week.

first things first,
 here are here stats:

she is 16 lbs even.
she is 27 inches long.
she has double ear infections.
she won't eat solid food.

she is 6 months old.

come again???

i know.. 
it's shocking.
most of the time i am still in awe of my own life.
 somewhere between 2007-2009 i became this full fledged mother who listens to Taylor Swift songs and no longer thinks of myself but instead of my daughters... this mother who enjoys day-time TV, diet coke (not really..i'm more of a Sprite gal myself, but you get the point...), and trips to Target. 

while waiting for Poppy to be called back i glanced around the room, saw my own toddler bossing others at the fish tank, dutifully made chit-chat with the other Mom's waiting, all the while rocking a fussy Poppy as i mentally contemplated the logistics of sneaking in an uncomfortable, and public nursing session. before i had a chance to snatch Minie from practically climbing in the fish tank, 
out of no where,
 this huge dose of reality hit me.. 


WHEN did this happen?
having Minie has always been fantastic. she was such an easy baby. my pregnancy with her was so fun and exciting, and when she finally arrived it was like i was playing house.  she was here, she was my child, but i was still me... i was still Brooke.  i was just plus one darling new accessory.
 and i thought i had it figured out.

and then Miss. Louise arrived. and my life was unrecognizable.
i remember the first morning, about 2 weeks out, when i had to man caring for two children all alone. there were a lot of tears.. and A LOT of doubt. doing the minimum took all day. as that day turned into weeks, i quickly realized that my life no longer ran on MY schedule. dishes sat unwashed, laundry unfolded, the house untidy.  most days ended in tears... either Minie's, Poppy's, or my own.. and most normally all of the above. 
i figure somewhere along the way i must of learned the acceptance of all of that.. and i suppose somewhere in that undertaking i was given my own stamp of motherhood without even realizing it.

newborns are hard...
they are these little strangers that seem familiar but don't quite fit in. am i horrible for admitting this??

sitting in that doctor's office i looked down at my babies, 
unwashed hair, baggy eyelids and all,
 and i felt so proud. 
none of my mayhem has changed.. if anything, it has amplified..
but i can do it. and i am happy. and there is nowhere i would rather be. i finally feel like i am part of this exclusive club. 
the one where complete strangers can gab about labor and delivery, stretch marks, ear aches, feeding habits, who was on Ellen, how to find "me" time, and whose blog we enjoy reading most.

these things seem silly.. but they mean the world to me. they are signs that i am a Mom..
and that fussy little newborn,
that surprise of a pregnancy,
that beautiful dark -haired mystery...
she has turned into
my definining moment,
my patience,
my heart,

my daughter.

and what is not to love?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

well, well, well...

this girl is mighty impressive.

wouldn't you say??

what with
AND sitting, 
being darling.

i'll claim her.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

yard FOR sale?

town home living

it's  the pits

no yard,
no swings,
 and slide to play with,
no pool.. 
nope... none, of that fun stuff. 
just a measly stretch of grass that more often than not, is covered in dog poop.
  and all of this.. well it just doesn't really fly with Miss Minie. 
i've mentioned her immense love for anything and everything disgusting briefly on here before, but let me just tell you folks, this adorable attribute has only amplified.
 her little red-headed soul yearns to dwell in the outer doors.

so, does anyone know...

is there a yard for sale?!?

i figured not...
so today we headed to the organized, splash-pad, play-set park of the world, that works just fine as my pseudo yard these days.

and alas,
fun was had

Popps Louise was tickled pink to be swinging..
and don't let that nonchalant look deter you..
{she loved it}

the girls were a little hesitant about the glacial run off water we were urging them to bathe in

and this gem of a nephew was just that.
a gem.
a lovely posing gem.

hey  J U D E 
i love you

and here we have photo documentation of Minie catching the swine flu.
my deepest apologies in advance.

if the drinking of fountain water didn't infect her then,
the lapping up of spilt diet coke from the repugnant playground cement floor most surely sealed the deal.

it is official.

she does remarkably disgusting things...

this one, of course is perfect. 
but she still  has time... 

and this is what i get 85% of the day.

and i love her to the moon.

.happy park day.

Monday, May 04, 2009

sunny weather + family

these amazings to come out

yet again,
we are back.

we spent our weekend in St.George for the baptism of my most darling nephew Abe.

 i am just going to go ahead and spoil the rest of the post and inform you all how i somehow managed to not get a single ONE picture of him the entire weekend.
 i'm lame.. i know.
 so go ahead and check out my sister's blog .
she is a fabulous photgrapher, and this boy is not worth missing. 

DESPITE my lack of festive baptism photos,
 i did get some other beauts worth blogging.

this girl... 
she has never had so much fun. 
from these people sleeping in an adjoining hotel room, to ash trays to dig through (yes, this was every bit as disturbing and disgusting as it sounds), and St. George sugar baby cousins to play with... 


she hardly could contain herself.
somehow any and all rules fly out the window when with Nannie and Aunties.
it's an unstoppable force of nature really...

so i just photo document the mayhem instead...

and even despite the lack of structure, sleep, and rules...

my girls are pretty much irresistible.

as would be this one too...
you want to squeeze her

not so much him however.

a little glamour never hurt anyone either...

i think i should really capitalize on this.

all we need is a little toile, 
some heavy foundation,
 puff hair (possibly a cowboy hat?)
and i think we look legitimate...

by: brooke

these two didn't want to play along...
too KEWL for Skewl. 

or something like that..

but i still got what i needed.

*is anyone else concerned that i married Archie?
don't be, because i love him, 
and in my version he ends up with Betty

there is only one thing you need to know about gilbert:

he is amazing.

dad was so impressed with himself and repeatedly asked me to come "capture his moment".
here you go dad. 
you make me proud..
and also really nervous 
so never again,
and definitely no more of that face...

we're sad were home...
this little girl needs a yard,
i need warm weather,
dust needs a good job..


St. George, are you hiring??