Sunday, April 24, 2011

all hopped up on crazy


are you impressed? i am actually updating the blog within 24 hours of a holiday happening.
this feels like a large step for all of us. i feel strangely proud.

Easter 2011 : perfection.
this past week was Minie's first ever spring break and i just didn't feel like we could do nothing. add that to a holiday weekend.. well something had to be done.
we obviously did the only thing to do when you live in northern Utah in the spring;
we headed to Dixie.

we spent 5 days basking in the glorious 80 degree St.George weather. i got to hang out with my sister, and the baby girl's got their annual yard playing time in. did you forget we live in a town home?? well, we do and i mostly hate it. but now we are just beyond the point.
the girls and i ditched dustin at home in the rainy salt lake weather and headed down south Tuesday afternoon... i was supposed to come home Friday night to spend the holiday weekend with my peeps here, but did i mention the 80 degree sunshine weather there? i did. well then, let me also add that my girls were blissfully enjoying some St.George cousin time and did not (would not) want to leave either. i couldn't deny them. it was settled. despite many grumbles from the family up north, dustin was to take the Shuttle from SLC to St.George friday after work, and we spent our Easter weekend with the Lamoreaux' 80 degree weather. i just really feel like i cannot reiterate that point enough.


so we dyed our eggs...
which was crazy and messy.. and surprisingly speedy.


and Easter baskets were demolished.
sully didn't really do much damage.. but he was very excited about his sucker.


all this little lady ate today was candy.
no really. that is all she ate.
she also puked in her crib about an hour ago.


pretty Easter ladies


my children could only find eggs that were dropped in plain sight...
so our egg hunt wasn't actually much of a hunt, but more of an egg gathering.
robyn told her older children they weren't allowed to touch any eggs close the ground. so about 95% of them.
they probably love having us for holidays.


see.... plain sight.
i took probably 60 pictures and not a one of them revealed minie's face in solo.
but her curls look good, right?


these boys are my favorite.
although it may be time for Robyn to invest in some new big boy baskets.
just saying...


this dude isn't so bad either.


the whole group in very true form.
Happy Easter.

we arrived home to rain, gray skies, and snow capped mountains.
i guess it's back to reality. but thanks to a very warm, relaxing spring break in Dixie,
i think i can handle it.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


in any other circumstance i would cringe at waiting in line for over 8 hours a day.
unruly children and over bearing parents in a gaggle would drive me insane.
no schedule... cotton candy, popcorn, churros, silly and noisy toys.
nope. not gonna do it.

how about the late nights? and the all the walking and rushing. and the crazies every where with silly characters.. whooeee!
honestly, doesn't that all sound like a disaster?
but somehow Disneyland makes that all okay.

i was the first one in line, and the last one in bed.
i was almost just as excited to meet Rapunzel, and i felt like all the Disney die hard were kindred spirits.
it is probably the magic.. because really,
Disneyland is magic


what, when this is awaiting you as you arrive?

DSC_0308 copy

and you get to see the Castle for the first time.


these girls.
they are crazy, and a little naughty.
but very loved by ME


breakfast with Minnie Mouse


and oh.

DSC_0397 copy

DSC_0435 copy

DSC_0424 copy

watching them become real life princesses?? i could have died.


somehow it didn't feel tacky, and silly.
just right.


DSC_0528 copy

and there was an abundance of princessing about.
quite nearly my girls made them self sick with their love of these ladies.
this trip has exceeded any unreasonable expectation we had.
it has been spoken of every. single. hour since we have returned.
and only a little bit i mind..

Bramma and Brammpa-
you spoiled us all rotten and i am not exaggerating in the slightest when i tell you my girls will never be the same after such a magical trip.
thank you to the moon.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

i'm still here.

DSC_0887 copy

just with not a lot to say.

except that i love her and hopscotch.
i love warm spring days.

and how i love that tomorrow (technically today) marks the beginning of the
much anticipated
Disney trip.

seriously.. this day couldn't come soon enough for my ladies.
so Dear Disney, please do not disappoint.

April feels like a good month for me to start blogging again,
okay, good. it's a deal.