Wednesday, December 29, 2010



these were taken back in early December. trying to wrangle the chiles and hounds was a pain in the derrière and i walked away accepting that 2010 wouldn't have a christmas card to close it with...


but then i uploaded some on to the computer and saw this one


aaannndddd this one.


and a few like these..


and i decided i actually did steal some gems after all.


kennan worked her magic

if you didn't already recieve this in the mail.

{meaning minie and poppy of course because really, they are just down right adorable.
they just are.}

Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmasing about

we made it. this Christmas was a splendid one. this time of year never stays long enough. seriously, all this parenting stuff.. well it has some pay offs, and Christmas is one of them. seeing those little stinks i like to call mine so deliriously excited and happy is worth every stress of shopping, fretting, and late holiday nights. our family is still in the young stage.. and not as in young as age, but young as in anything goes. traditions are being made, and cheesy as it sounds... perfect memories. this Christmas my happiest gift is my family.
dustin, minie, poppy... i love you.


Christmas morning.
despite talking about it for weeks. reading Christmas stories, opening jammies, leaving cookies for Santa, and sleeping together on the floor, both my girls woke up like it was any other morning. minie sauntered into our bed and asked to watch cartoons and when was breakfast.
WHAT? i asked ,"excuse me, missy. do you know who came last night?". she looked puzzled, and said "umm.. nannie and grandpa??". that girl.
instead of talking about it, we all led both of them down stairs and just let them see for themselves.
good news... they remembered right quick.


.Ma in her kerchief and Pa in his (non) cap.
minie wasn't completely off in her knowledge of the night's happenings.
we had the complete honor of having nannie and grandpa sleep over Christmas eve.
it was splendid.. for us at least. as mentioned it was even more noteworthy for the girls than Santa.
now that's a big deal.
and sorry mom and dad for minie's bed. our guest bedroom (minie's toddler room) situation isn't quite as ritzy as i would hope..


visions of sugarplums


milk, cookies, carrots for Rudolph, and notes to Santa are a must.


Merry Christmas.
yes.. that is an obvious strand of lights burnt out on the tree.
gus chewed the bottom wiring, resulting in the top to fizz out.
don't you judge me for just ignoring it.
it looks more subtle in the day.

Christmas day was spent napping, playing with new toys, and then eating a fabulous Christmas spread at nannie and grandpa's. somehow i didn't take one single picture.
trust me.. it was merry.
really. it was.

the 22nd-24th we headed up to Bear Lake to have our Jackson side of the family Christmas.
again we just lounged at the new cabin and it was, as always, G L O R I O U S.


minie loves her some Benny time.
here they are waiting ever so patiently, looking very darling in their Hannah jammies, to open stockings.
and yes. ben's slippers are as big in real life too.


anything princess is always a home run in my girl's book.
thanks grandma ali!


tutus are always a hit too..


but nothing trumps the AMAZING gift to Disneyland.
we were all totally and absolutely surprised with this incredibly large stocking, announcing an all inclusive trip to Disney.
woot, woot!
yes.. my girls are thrilled.
but forget them for a minute. I am thrilled.
really, thank you Alice and Steve.
it is the perfect gift.


i was not without surprises either.
ever since my sister Robyn made a denim quilt for her husband a couple years ago, dustin has been begging me to make him one. he has been stashing away old jeans, and just hoping his wish would come to fruition. i have told him to take a flying leap whenever he inquired because... one: they are ugly.. really. and two: I do NOT quilt.
but i lub him.
so this year i suffered through many a trial, and rotary injuries and whipped him up a very sad, sad, uneven version of a quilt.
oh honey.. i love you for loving it still all the same.

DSC_0064 copy


the weather was perfect for snow-play.



and yes.. we can build a mean snowman.


poppy was feeling the love..


and even grandma couldn't resist joining in on the fun.


he is handsome,
isn't he??


like i said...
this year, Christmas did us right.

wameeeest holiday wishes,


Thursday, December 16, 2010

some more mini... shoots

meet the roberts family.

aren't they beautiful?
rebecca is one of kennan's besties and has known me since i was about 9 years old.
so yes.. my rough times.
believe it or not, kennan and i didn't always get along.
i spent the first 13 years of my life dreading her company, simultaneously hoping i could be as cool as she seemed to be
i know, right??
who would ever think she was cooler than me?
but i am losing my point here..
rebecca.. or reba as i like to call her
well, she was ALWAYS nice to me. she would tell me about her boyfriend woes ( i can name all of those boys from her 7th grade year and up. thank you very much) and she has ALWAYS been hillarious.
she is gorgeous, and petite, and genuine. she married a mountain man, has three'tstandit beautiful daughters, is a terrific mother, wonderful friend, and honestly... if i didn't like her so much i would hate her.
just on principle.

so there.. how do you feel about her?








reebster.. i hope you love them.
and i also expect a christmas card.
just sayin....

Monday, December 13, 2010

some people you don't know

i've been busy with shooting, and editing, shooting and editing...
thus the ignored blog.
but here are some strangers for you to look at.
happy mini session season!











Sunday, December 05, 2010

holiday.... celebrate


oh, let's just start things out with this little gem.
shall we?

dear santa,
minie does have pink eye (maybe), and poppy still maybe hates the actual you.
i'm so sorry.
despite our best efforts to give you nightmares , you were still very nice. you even tickled minie's cheek, and gave her a hug. she liked that. you listened very intently to her christmas wish..even through poppy's blood curdling screams. we both have faith you will come through with that dream dazzler hair styling salon. thanks ole' saint nick.

i am however a little miffed that i had to pay $21.00 for this horrible photo of my children. but i am putting on my best good girl face, because i reaallly want some new black boots this year.

please don't stop "watching" in on minie and poppy.
your helpful eye keeps my sanity more than you know.


well.. now that's out of the way.
let's get on to some holiday celebrating.
to start:
miss mins had her first ever dance performance,


and duh..
she was a rockstar.
i have video and as soon as i figure out my new camera i will post her performance.
it will bring tears to a glass eye.
she was that amazing.

mama bear has never been so proud.
love you poodle bum.

part of my blogging absence has been due to this.
dustin's parents extremely nice, and extremely cozy new cabin up in Bear Lake.

we spent the week of thanksgiving there, and truly there couldn't be a more perfect place to do so.


there was cousin time, good food, cold-cold-cold weather, but warm fires and warm beds.


the actual turkey dinner was layed back...


so much so that both my girls may or may not have been falling asleep at the table.


they even still got to ride their beloved "4-leeder", but now with the added bonus of a sled.

a little bit i feel like they are spoiled...
i wasn't even allowed on any motor vehicle of any type until i was 18..

and here we are posing in front of said warm fire, all of us looking ready for a nap.
happy thanksgiving.

sooo.. to recap:
seeing santa was a slight bust,
minie is the worlds cutest tiny dancer,
our holidaying about has been snowy, cold, and wonderful.
why is time flying by?
i haven't even started christmas shopping..
*sigh*... i'll get to it.

hope this christmas season finds yourself very merry and very bright.
(yes.. that was my christmas card last year. ---what's the big deal?)

i'm sure we'll be back with more.