Tuesday, September 30, 2008

here we go

just shy of 34 weeks..

i am ready for my own...

when i see a newborn as sweet as this little guy.
laura, i simply could not wait and had to start working on some of his pictures right away.
he is just so cute!
you should all be jealous you didn't get to spend your morning with Charlie..
yummy, yummy..

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I get lucky and catch this...
.Yes, that is her smile.

Perhaps, I should aim more for this???

I realize monster mouth isn't for everyone.


This is always right..

Kissin' cousin.. Just how we like em' :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


is the coloring different on this than the last ones??
i posted and edited on two different computers, and WHOA to me they look so different.
is it just me???

Friday, September 19, 2008

happy fall :)

my blog has been a bit of a ghost town lately... and for that i apologize.
i have been so busy.
fall is a crazy insane time for anyone photography inclined.
seriously, i have been booked solid since the first week in september, and my schedule looks promising to keep up that way till sissy girl arrives.
but i do love it... what can i do?
it's a vicious thing.
however, things are progressing nicely pregnancy wise, and my widening gerth is one to be reckoned with. almost every night, without fail, i ask dustin to just take charge of the whole belly issue, and almost every night i wish it really were possible for him to do so.
i still stick to my guns when i say pregnancy is infact totally unnatural. anyone who has ever seen a naked pregnant body would have to agree.
but baby sis is looking healthy as an ox, and is SO much more active than minie ever was.. hopefully that isn't the case post-utero living.
it just wouldn't be fair.
dustin is running on fast-forward as well between school, work, a crazed pregnant wife, and a busy toddler (if only she toddled). but manages it all so well, it makes me love him that much more. he is good husband, dad, and most importantly wife abusee. definately, his most valiant feat yet is dealing with me for the past 3 years, as really, truly i have been pregnant the majority of them... i mean really..
i love you babe.
and that is just our life right now. the days are slipping by, and pretty soon we are going to be a party of 4.
it's really just down right frightening.
luckily i am a pro-denier, and i'm sure in the long run that buys me weeks.
like i said, i'm a pro :)
so.. in the meantime please enjoy some fun pictures i took this afternoon while out for a mini photo shoot with robyn. we were attemting to get some 2 year shots of gil, and of course snapped a few more of the other kiddos. i love the one of minie, and would adore it if only i could get a decent shot of her smiling. none the less, are we all loving her outfit??? i do adore this, and must introduce you all to the fabulous designs of Misha Lulu.
you love them... i know.
fall really is my favorite time of year, so despite all my complaining in this post, i actually am quite happy.

until next time...

Monday, September 15, 2008

no words

just pictures of our adorable smoosh

Monday, September 08, 2008

St. George

This past week Kennan and I packed up the kiddos and trekked it down South.
Robyn's friend Jen owns an ice cream parlour with her husband, and they so kindly asked me to take some shots for them for their new store. I was of course more than thrilled to do so, and it was the perfect excuse to get down there and see our St.George babies :).
Gilly bear also celebrated his second birthday while we were there, and it was fun to see him so grown up. Yes... the week may have been crazy with (what seemed like) 100 kids running amuck, but I had a blast all the same. Hanging with my sisters is always the funnest, and their kids just might all be the cutest little smooshies around.
What can I say??
They come from some great genes :)

Mr. Birthday Boy himself

Jude in all his crazy glory....

Sweet little Miss. Gretzel Pretzel....

look at those eyes. Pretty, Pretty girl.... I love her.

and of course Miss. Moodles.

Always :)

And then here are a few from the Big Scoop Cafe shoot I did. I think they turned out darling, and I have been craving me some serious pizza and Princess Cotton Candy ice cream ever since! Seriosuly, Big Scoop is DELISH!! If you are ever in St.George go... you will not be disappointed :)


Thanks for the great get-a-way Rob.. it is always a whirlwind blast!!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

good morning

i love miss mins in the morning.
she is so happy, and so scraggly, and oh so wonderful.
today it is rainy...
and i have this little lovey to snuggle with.
it's looking to be a good one