Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well here is the belly clothed and unclothed at 34 weeks exactly. I promised to keep these belly shots up to the bitter end... so yes, here it is, and I still have AT LEAST 3-4 weeks to go. Probably more like 6 :(


This past weekend Dustin and I had the opportunity to go visit the graves of family members. We visited both Dust's Grandpa's and I must say it was a little bitter-sweet for me. Dustin was extremely close to both of his grandfathers. He loved them both so much, and I hate the fact that I never got to meet them.
His Grandpa Schaar is a legend in his family. He was probably the world's number 1 grandpa in many ways, and the just the ideal grandparent. I am often almost envious of the stories I hear because I myself never really "met" my own grandfathers. They both died so young, and I have always wanted those grandpa stories that the Jackson's/Schaar's all hold so close. But... although Ken has passed he still holds a very stong spirit among his family. I may have never met him but I feel like I do know him in a sense, and Dustin is wonderful and let's me share his own Grandpa/Grandchild memories with him. The patriarchs of our family's may both not be here, but I am almost 100% postive that they will ALWAYS hold a huge role in our new little family's life.
So here is to remembering and cherishing...
(Sorry I didn't have a picture of Don, or my two grandpas around. Something we definately need to fix!)

Memorial Day Weekend

My cousin Ryan's grave

Lee and Gabi.. Love Lee!!!

The oh so infameous holiday croquet game... funny Dustin.. please, no repeats!

A not so unfamiliar look my Dad sports... unfished food on the side of his mouth. Sick.

Go Jazz! Brad and Vanessa were dressed and pumped for the game later that evening.

Mark's new girlfriend (and soon to be more...) Tiffanie,
and Chrisy and Gabi

Usually Memorial weekend is a reserved Jackson holiday. We head up the first part of the weekend to Bear Lake with the whole Schaar clan and start the home fires burning at Witts End for the summer. Sadly though due to my current situation, this year Dustin insisted we stay put "just in case". I was pretty bummed to miss out on all of that fun, especially since May is my ultimate favorite time to be up there :(. However, we improvised, and still had a good weekend here at home.
We were able to visit the graves of family members, and also had some good fun at my parent's house for a wonderful bar-b-que. I love holidays, mostly just because they are always centered around family. Although this year was a different from the others, it was still very fun and memorable!

Lunch With the Girls + Jude

Yes... this is Jude's smile on-demand :)
Grandma Billie is staying with my Mom till the first of July, and it has been so much fun to have her here. Last Thursday my Mom brought both grandmas up to see me and K's new houses, and we all had lunch afterwards. It was really fun to have them both together. I love my grandmas!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A little scare

Of course.

Yesterday we had a bit of a scare. I had a busy day on Sunday, and by Sunday night I was a swollen sausage from the days activities. Before I went to bed I noticed some spotting, but shrugged it off. Long story short, Monday morning into the afternoon I was still spotting, and to accompany that there was now cramping. After a call to my OB, I was told to head straight to L&D to be checked out. I was freaked of course, but did as I was told.

Once Dust and I got there I was hooked up to the monitors and watched for about 3 1/2-4 hours. Initially all was good, but after a cervical check that showed my cervix was already thinning (50% effaced for all you women reading this) and some minor contractions it was decided I needed a shot of Terbutaline to stop the contractions. The Terbutaline did the trick and after being monitored for about another hour or so I was told I could go home, and I am now on "moderate" bed rest. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what that means, but definately taking it more easy. My OB is supposed to give me further guidance at my appointment tomorrow. So we'll see what happens...

All in all, it pretty much freaked me out, and I am now in major panick mode to get everything done for baby. I thought I had all this time.. which I probably still do, but really 7 weeks isn't much. It will be here before I know it!
Keep praying that this little one stays put for at least another month, and Dust and I can prepare a little more. Heavens knows we need it!

Poor Dukie....

We were so mean, and decided it was time to have our little guy "fixed". It was heart-wrenching for me because he's my little baby, and he's just so darn little! He pulled through with flying colors though, especially it being a more technical surgery... only one of his "fellas" was in the proper place.. poor little doggie!

The vet told us to watch him and make sure he wasn't licking or biting at his incisions. Well of course he was doing just that, so we opted for our best wrap and that happned to be one of our sample newborn diapers from Huggies :) . Hey, it did the job and look how great he handled it!

I think you all should have a moment and think of our guy, because he is still very bruised, and a little...let's say, "deflated".

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day 07'

Happy Mother's Day to ALL of the mother's in my life! I wish I could have spent the entire day with you, but that is some what impossible as I have SO many amazing women in my life. Thank you all so much for being such incredible examples. I can't wait to "officially" join you this July :) .
Below are just a few shots of some of you women I got to spend time with today. We had lunch with the Williams side, dinner with the Jackson's, and then a little get together at Grandma Schaar's. It was a wonderful day, and I just want to say I LOVE YOU to all of the mother's in my life!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

dOt, DoT, d O t S !

YAY!! Today we put the finishing paint touches on baby girl's room by adding her dots!! I knew I always wanted some polka dots on the walls, but when we bought and made our bedding upon finding out she was a SHE it all just came together! I have to give big props to my mom for getting up on that very high, slightly scary ladder and doing an AMAZING (of course.. my mom rocks at pretty much everything) job.

I think the dots are soo fun, and the room in going to look fantastic once it's all put together. Thanks again Mom for risking your life to make this nursery look good!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's A Done Deal!!!

The keys to our first home

Voila!! Our kitchen

My cute Mom and Dad

Dust helping out in his baby girl's room

Check us out :)

Well it finally happened.. Our place is done! We closed yesterday, and are THRILLED to finally be home owners :) ! We got right busy moving some smaller things in, and my Mom and Dad were awesome and came over to help get all the painting done today. I am so happy to finally have a place we can call our own and to set down some roots.. who cares if it is fish guts!! I love my fish guts!!!! The next few days are bound to be crazy ones (I hate the actual process of moving) , but I will keep you all posted along the way!! We're home!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall...

I'm not sure this really qualifies as a "belly shot" in the traditonal term, but thought this picture very note worthy. Look at that thing!!! Also, if you zoom in you can see some pretty serious peach fuzz growing on my belly. Yes, I thought that lanugo grew on just the baby as well.. apparently my tummy is the rare case.
So, what do you think?? Will this humpty dumpty have a great fall??