Sunday, May 27, 2012

her arrival


well i am finally here. i have been reveling in my billie this past month and haven't really been in much mood to share. it has been newborn heaven really.. and slightly some little girl hell. three kids has been an adjustment... but i feel so happy we thought 2 wasn't enough. billie is perfect.

so shall we jot her birth story down?  it's tradition, so why not?
let's see...
just like all my deliveries before miss billie arrived when i was 38.6 weeks pregnant. that's weird, right? each and every time felt too long and on monday the 16th of April i knew it had to be last day being pregnant. i finished up my last baby/hospital stay purchases, had lunch with kennan, and even took the kids to the aquarium. dustin had plans to go to the Jazz game that night and sure enough just as he we headed out i had my first contractions. they weren't consistent and weren't terribly painful but i tried to keep a hopeful frame of mind. dustin left, and really the night was mostly uneventful from there. before diiner i sneezed and thought i peed my pants.. sadly not something terribly uncommon the end of this pregnancy. i changed clothes not really thinking much of it and i got the girls in bed and folded some laundry. contractions were coming but still not consistent. i had two or three really painful ones but then nothing. finally dustin came home and i ruefully decided we should just go to bed. as you can guess sleep never came and at about 2:00 AM i was in some pain. i got in the tub to see if that would help.. and really from there it was a blur. poppy and minie both woke up at about 2:15 AM and after the tub i was continuously leaking fluid. contractions were coming, but not consistent. i finally just decided we better head to the hospital because we now live about 45 minutes away and poppy had come so fast. the girls were wired, and when dustin's parents arrived at our house at about 3 AM they were ready to party. ugh... this is all just from what i'm told because in all actuality we left our house about 2 minutes BEFORE steve and alice arrived. i know.. parents of the year. but in my defense i was pretty sure my water had broken at that point and i was pushing a little with out realizing it with each contraction.
well we finally arrived at labor and delivery and i knew i was in labor at this point. i was quickly escorted back to a room and after a quick check it was determined i was six centimeters dilated, 90% effaced, and my water had indeed broken. i was demanding an epidural because there ain't no way in HELL this lady was about to experience child birth au-natural. they called my doc, but what do you know at 4 AM he wasn't picking up. right as my epidural was being placed i was in transisiton. and just like with pops, after they placed it i was already to a 10 and ready to push. they informed me my OB whom i love, wasn't going to make it. i was a little disheartened but very ready to have a baby so i didn't dwell too long. well in walked the on-call OB who works with my doctor.  after some small chit chat introducing ourselves and watching me have what was looking like a text book delivery, he asked if dustin wanted to deliver. say what? suprisingly dustin was on board and before i had much say in the matter dustin was suited up and receiving instruction on how to bring our third daughter into the world. it was actually kind of cool... and i was just thankful i had invited my mom and kennan at the point. someone had to help hold my legs! after two rounds of pushing, billie quickly made her arrival. excuse me... her hair! every person in the room could hardly get past it. how did dustin and i create that? but i loved this new little one with a love i didn't know possible. she made a few wimpers, and had a hard time stabilizing her blood sugar.. but after a little persuading she came around. she was perfect. she is perfect.
life has been shaky since that day. being a mom for the third time feels very natural, but very scary. when i really think about it i want to cry. what did i really do here? how do women really do this? but most days i try not think and just do. and it's working.. life is slowly back to normal and miss billie brings such joy to our life, hard or not, i can't fathom life without her.

here are some photos of her arrival and the hospital stay afterward. we had so much support from all of our friends and family the whole experience through and truly, honestly feel so blessed.

dustin suiting up... i love how serious he looks.
she's here.

some immediate face time with paige. pretty sure i hadn't even finished delivering yet. 
big deal... she and i did this together.
she had her Dex just 42 hours later!
feeling so grateful to have her out
her first visitors
all three baby girls for the first time
 it's love
miss billie barue.. we adore you.


Pam said...

Great summation of a great event. So very lucky to have been present for Billie's arrival. Love her to the moon! XOXO

Darcie said...

So fun to see all these pics! Congrats to you all. She is just a doll. Dustin looks great playing doctor. And the face time was mandatory. :) Hope you're all doing well.