Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter time

it came and went.
was your's as splendid as ours?
i mean all things considered.. i think we fared pretty darn well this year.
you see these little spring chickens of mine felt it necessary to be up with the sun.
it's a good thing that Easter Bunny hid those eggs the night before.. 
*please note the lack there of sunrise. it was freezing and damn early. 
but after all was said and done we all got gussied up for church, and things spanned out well from there. 
i didnt even let poppy's Elvis Presley hair damper my mood.
and then off it was to Bramma and Grandpa's for yet anther egg hunt. i'm telling you.. it was quite the day

i can't not mention the fabulous bash my parent's mom threw the day before.
egg hunt,
decilicous food,
great weather...
even dustin got to do a little winching with the new jeep.

 wow again...

and truly.. WOW .

i'm aware. it's time.

happy belated Easter weekend! 

now let us have a baby


Lucky to be the mom said...

Does it annoy you that I LOVE your blog???!?!?! Besides your adorable children, amazing photography skills, your incredibly adorable pregnant self - it's just a fun read!
I cannot wait to see what little girl #3 looks like...another Minnie? Poppy? or a completely different look. One thing is for certain, she'll be 100% loved and gorgeous!

Pamela Williams said...

Wow....your girls dresses are adorable and you are to be commended for "staying calm & carrying on". This too shall pass! I'm here for you, Girlie. XOXO

Tiffany said...

Where did you get that great rug in your family room? I love it! Your girls look precious as usual!