Sunday, April 01, 2012

just a snap

i'm at a bit of an awkward point in my current life. 
i can't wait for things to speed up, but somehow at the same time i need time to hold still.
 i feel my world is just about to turn around.. but what about the meantime?
 i don't know... i guess we just wait.

during a quick birthday photo shoot with the fabulous miss. gaga, my girls felt jaded and needed a quick snap of their own. that's all it was. a snap.
 even without looking i feel pretty lucky to call them mine.


Eileen said...

Wonderful picture! Just can't wait to meet daughter #3!

Pamela Williams said...

I love those two sisters. The dynamic duo soon to be the three musketeers. Can't wait! XOXO

trevan said...

they feel like they are mine.

trevan said...

- kennan

sarah said...

Oh Brooke! I so can relate with your awkward stage in time. That's EXACTLY how I felt leading up to the baby. It'll come soon enough-- savor every minute of the anticipation- the whole thing seems to come and go so rediculously fast!
Thanks for the comment, too-- I feel much better knowing I'm not the only corner cryer!

Good luck in these next couple of weeks!

sarah said...

Crier? Cryer? I can't spell apparently.

Anonymous said...

Such an adorable pic. I am still not over how amazing Minie's outfit was at the birthday party.